Julie set up this scheme called Whats On your Worktop Wednesday, so we could all mosey around the desks  of crafters, artist or whatever title blows your skirt up around the globe.  It is a legal addiction.    This gives some of us the satisfaction that we are not the only messy workers in the world and everyone has petulant muses at one time or another.  
Here is my work space sort of cleaned off .  As usual, the where should I put this bits lay about in anticipation of a new comfortable draw where they will be forgotten.   The red felt was used to die cut flowers in a demo for my friend Deanie on the advantage of this piece of equipment for those of us who after a few hours cutting have aching hands and fingers.  nest to it is a catalog, useful when gluing, to isolate glue from any where not to be glued.   

This is the card I made for Deanie that I forgot to take with me.  Those creatures were sheep.  I knew she would have a fit of hysterical laughter at my attempt to draw.  This is what happens when you move from your template of sheep that is filed away in a secret compartment. 

The inside.  At this stage a disaster was in full swing.

So for the rest of this month i will follow 12 tags of Christmas or something like that over at a site I forget just where it is.  It is over at  Ellen Hotson web, but hard to find  http://ellenhutson.typepad.com) as it is somewhere on her site.  This is another effort to try to learn a few techniques and get them right.  Ah tomorrow a new day! 


  1. LOL Monica your card is a hoot! Love it. I've jumped the gun and don't have a WOYWW # yet. I am so far behind on EVERYTHING else one more evening isn't going to hurt.......I do believe it is time for wine and chocolate....

  2. Hi Monica! I LOVE your sheep - they gave me such a smile. Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner @1)

  3. what a great card! love it :)
    thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment :)
    Have a great WOYWW!
    no. 8

  4. Aw your sheep are lovely...and I knew before you said it that the template was filed somewhere temporarily too safe to access! I too have a separate gluing area...ie catalogue. It's one of the best unsung hero type tools isn't it!

  5. Love the card soooo cute :).

    Happy WOYWW!

    #11 Apryl

  6. This post made me laugh from start to finish - it's so YOU!!



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