Ticket to Venice Journal

Continuing my travel journal with   Mary Ann Moss. (fab class very different, not a hand holder).  this class is Ticket to Venice 

 The signatures were long in the making as my stash had no paper larger than 12 X 12, the covers are 8x10.  This meant creating pages, adding flaps, pockets, lots of angst and remaking.   I have avoided book binding of any sort as it demands more tools and special supplies.  My room/studio is bursting at the seams with tools and supplies from all the various crafts that were embraced with great enthusiasm in a class than dropped for the next fad.  So I embarked on the class with the sole purpose of abstracting from it the thought processes and the creative process to expand my travel journal expertise.  Since my journals are usually made after the trip with photos, notes, ephemera, and endless pages torn from catalogs and brochures obtained at state welcome centers and tourist information centers along the way this was quite a shift in operations.   Mary Ann Moss  makes the journal before and fills some along the way, returning home to complete it.  The binding she shows is a Double Diamond that is described as difficult.  If you do beading weaving it is not.  

Here the three signatures ready for the binding.  All made easy by using the recommended Japanese Screw Punch.  The signature on the left is a stiff fan page of a racing driver.   

here is the binding that I made as I did not have the book tape recommended.  So I made tape using fabric and some old double sided adhesive tape to attach it to the sides of the book covers.

This is inside the book cover, on the left front a clear plastic pocket and another opaques on the back cover.  (See what i mean by catalog scraps.  NASCAR is very generous with paper goods just waiting to be re-purposed.)

here the start of the stitching.   

 The finished book showing the 3 signatures. See the holes thats from using the Japanese Screw Punch, a winner and bound to be used for yeasr.   Bonnies Best is where i bought Screw Punch

And this is the finished binding.  It is a bit too big but i am assured by my fellow traveling journalers that it will be OK, there are many ways to add on.  I should say that the class participants are so friendly and helpful.

This journal was to be a travel journal for 2013, recording all our journeys in the RV.  Now that I can see the size and see what additional signatures will include it has become a journal for 2013, detailing our life, in a casual manner (not a daily ritual).  Our "Doings".  When you retire people always ask but "what do you do all the time".  NO ONE understands, they want a title, a pigeon hole.  I play with arts and crafts; my current interest is tags, inks rubber stamping, die cutting as well as journaling, a bit of stitching, well a bit of this and a bit of that.   Never do they understand and, frankly my dear i don't give a dam.


  1. Very impressive Monica! I love Mary Ann's blog and seeing all her trip photos!

  2. Love the detailed photos of the book-making process!!

    I get that question too because I'm not working right now. I always wanna say I spend my days covered in ink and paint but they look at you like you're nuts.

  3. Monica, your book is GORGEOUS! Beautifully stitched with beautiful covers! I want to see more of the insides! The pages that are visible in the photos are wonderful! I want to see all of them! ...no pressure...XOXO

  4. Good for you - who cares if other people don't understand your passions, you don't do it for them!

    I am very impressed with your binding/stitching. Bookbinding is something I've always resisted too, but feel more and more drawn to it (I too have rather a lot of equipment from previous flash-in-the-pan crazes!!). Your travel journal is very lovely - I really like how you did the cover too.

    Wishing you happiness and health for 2013, and anticipating another great year of friendship sharing our passions :)


  5. How fun it would be to chat with wine and wonderful chocolate..love your travel journal.
    susan s.

  6. Love your way with words. Also love seeing your book process. Lovely colours and page construction.:-)

  7. Lovely journal. The cover colors are gorgeous.


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