Another week and here we are at the madness started by Julia at Stamping-ground. I really enjoy my visits to work-desks around the world and get a real kick visiting UK. Here is this weeks desk.

There was a lot of activity, this past seven days as I started  the Ellen Houston 12 Tags of Christmas...... and the realization hit that that this was a very time consuming task as most of the time was deciding how to  improvise on tag. Added  to that some of them were styles that were not "my thing" and the materials were not in my possession. All the designers use a large number of Copics, something I do not possess.  most of all a lot more time was spent reading that doing as i just had to visit each designers blog and look at every designers work.  There are some great tags that looked relatively simple. Simple is a nice word that means care and planning, it should set of an alarm in my brain "Not for a slob like you".   So on my desk you see the three on the left above the red tags.(I posted and wrote about them a few days ago) Below them is  playing with felt and on the right the Hand Swap organized by Annna at a yahoo group.  A fun swap that not only had i forgotten all about I had not made one for me, ( if I did it is back in the secret place),  and had to have someone send me a copy of my hand.  imagine forgetting after making 9 of them.

Well now back to the tag I can post next week for ATT that has gone very wrong.

All this high activity in the studio is supplemented by high activity in the kitchen.  with the advent of cool weather I go nuts.  Made a lemon meringue pie last Saturday as a friend gave me Meyer Lemons.  Yummy.  As the temperature dropped from 70 F to 30 F (21 C to -1) soup and slow oven cooked stuff is on the menu   Tonight is a cheesy hamburger roasted soup.  Better go start it.


  1. I like your flower tags and your hand that you made is really wonderful!

  2. I see some distress stains in pretty colors! Love the hand tag! Happy WOYWW! Tammy #80

  3. I love lemon meringue pie- especially a 'proper' made one with real lemons, not these shop bought box-full-of-e-numbers type! And the soup sounds delicious-love the hand, btw.Have a great week,hugs, Shaz #67

  4. You're a very busy girl :) LOVE the hand and the 'red' tags are super.


  5. Fabulous tags and hand there Monica! Hugs, Di xx

  6. That hand is just brilliant, love the colours you have used too, now how could you have missplaced suce a brilliant piece of artwork.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Eliza 12


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