Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WOYWW #156 A new start

Here we are Wednesday again.  Spent the past week continuing the cleaning out my studio so no crafty things have emerged.  What a clean out.  With the fabric reduced i started on the drawers of sewing and crafting accessories.  This was all an accumulation of "stuff" i might need.  Mixed media  meant everything might at some time have a purpose and be needed,  not a scrap was dumped in 10 years.  So finally it is bagged for the crafting group.  If i have not used it in 10 years i probably never will be used by me.  So on to new beginnings.  
here is my desk 

A new day has begun.  i have several sewing projects then lots of tags to make.  Some of the empty drawers under my work top will be filled with works in progress.  The area round the sewing machines will be cleaned up, as will the beading are and then off I go.  it feels so good.  

Tuesday was a break from all this reorganization as it was my Art Day with my friend Deanie at her studio.  She is using all the patterns she accumulated and the fabric.  Her studio is huge.

Here i am ironing the fabric I had to wash as it had been cattified.  It is to be made into a cat cover for my couch.  

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WOYWW#155 quite a week

This is my desk after finishing the ATC for # 156 of What's On Your Worktop Wednesday (WOYWW), organized by Julie.    I used the Distress Inks as well as cutting up all the sprayed sheets from Dylusions sprays.  making ATC was a hard process as my muse was on vacations and only returned when the garbage began to fill with discarded ideas.  Think that having a theme is easier for me.  Once an idea come to mind and the creating process is started, then comes floods of ideas and blue air results when nothing works out. This time my measuring just flew out the window. 

Last week I jumped on and cleared out all the quilting fabric accumulated over 15 to 20 years.  The oranges and yellows were place in boxes for my cat cover project.  Then  on to the other11 boxes of fabrics.  All the awful colors and patterns i bought over the years and would take out for every project, then go and buy something i liked.   In fact i went early next morning to the Point, a community theater where a group of women create hand made goodies from the donated fabric.  There were hundreds of fat quarters donated. begining to wonder about all the "must have" stuff.    If you visit Elizabeth & Bluebeard, Altered Book Lover she seems to be having some of the same thoughts as I on buying on the whim. ( discovered how to throw in links and when your comments come for approval i now know how I can reply to you ).

This brought me up to my present fad, Distress inks, stamps and paper crafting on tags.  Since I bought 1000 tags there is a commitment!    One of the benefits of this group (WOYWW)has been visiting blogs and seeing that i am not alone in my going crazy over some new found way to make something or things to make like journal and books.  It is also funny to see that " everything old is new again."  Painting and using paper towels was on one of the WYOWW sites visited this morning.  This was an obsession of mine about 5 years ago when I had a class with Sue Bleisweis on making easy books.  

This is a vessel made out of paper towels in Sue's class.  Blogger is refusing to  show it upright.

Better continue organizing the desk so i can sew.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Wednesday comes so fast.   It was a productive week.

  I finally washed the  orange and yellow fabric from the storage containers that Tripper has been sleeping on.  These need to be cut up and turned into more cat seat covers. 

This week a  swap page was successively completed.  The pages are for a swap on the All Thing Tim Yahoo Group.  We had to use at least one technique from his class Creative Chemistry 101.  Since my collection of his products is limited my background techniques were from Class 1 Wrinkle Free Distress.  Attempted were flowers, made from Alcohol inks on glossy card stock, a dismal failure, so i made the flowers from  my Dylusions Sprays on watercolor paper then cut with a Sizzix die.    

For some reason when presented with the idea of making 10 pages where the main event was a technique, I froze, the muse departed.   Finally she flashed an idea and added some dyed cheese cloth and 3 little tags stamped with peace, love and happiness in Japanese and English.  

Here is  card made for my friend Kay, for Mother's Day.  Behind the figure of me is Japanese paper fixed to a distressed tag.  Just below the green ribbon is a charm hummingbird made by Susan Clarke.  She quit making these incredible embellishments and switched to buttons!  

This week also saw the completion of my travel journal on the Breaux Bridges trip. What a busy little bee!

Today was a gorgeous morning.   Over the past 5 days we have had several inches of rain and if we get more we may even drop to stage 1 water restrictions.  The rain also dropped the temperature to the high 70's yesterday.  Lovely

And now to make lunch. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Went to Breaux Bridges last Thursday for the Crawfish Festival, 3 days and nights of music, food and fun.  So my Work-space was sort of cleaner than usual though at the last minute I made a paper bag  book to use on the trip.  I started it but it was not easy to make on the road.  That's all the stuff i brought back for the journal in the bag at the end of the table.  I use the phone book too spread glue on stuff.  That's the TV changer, usually buried

It was a very hot weekend.  on the way out we met with my friend Peggy for lunch.  Can't believe we never made photos!  We stopped the first night in Beaumont.  then on to Louisiana in the morning with a quick stop for tooth brushes at Target.  this followed a futile attempt to find WalMart in Beaumont the night before when the GPS took us to Sam's.  So on to the camp ground in Parc Hardy for 3 days dry camping (no electric power or water or sewer, we had to rely on the RV).

There were 3 stages, this is the Crawfish Stage lots of Cajun and zydeco.

Demo of how to make crawfish etouffe. and of course a sample.

Chris and i taking it in.  We had to buy chairs. Fortunately the Winn Dixie across the street had a special 2 for $12.99.  Mine is orange.

No I never go on this stuff.  

Everyone goes there with chairs these had a canopy.

   This was the Crawfish Etouffe cook off.  Chris found these young men and they gave him a shot of something.  I thought theirs was the best.

Everyone always dances in Lousianna.  We even attended a dance lesson.  We have vowed to practise at home !!!!

 Making friends with the Relay for Life queen, a pageant to raise money for cancer research.  They had adult and children queens.  Pageants seem to be part of the Louisiana lifestyle.

And here is the star, little guy they feast on, celebrate and live off.  They are also known as Mudbugs.  They are like shrimp but live in the mud.  They cook them up many ways.  There were lots of food booths with $5.00 or $8.) plates.  We had them boiled,  you tear off the heads(I like to suck it) then peel the tail  We liked them best of all in cream sauces. Everything is very spicy.  There were great discussions on what to eat next and what we thought were the best. I really love them little bugs.  Yummy.    

 Beer was $2.00 and we drank lots of that as it was at least 89F (32C).  I sprayed myself from head to toe with Neutrogena 55.  it worked.