More mess for  WOYWW!  All due to taking a class from Kelly Kilmer called Marvel Your Precious Life, a journaling class on layouts for 31 days.  it is incredible.  My second class with her and this time I feel i understand more about collage.  She is an excellent teacher and handouts are packed with information.  She gives a layout every day and a prompt.  I am not one for prompts but they have really pushed me as i am not a journaler.  just like to make travel journals.  Because getting images requires cutting up magazines, there is a constant mess as you can see.  Today will tidy up after a trip to hairdresser for restoration work.

The journal made for this class in the middle.  I wanted to try working on a completed journal rather than adding pages later or making a page and gluing it to journal.  These are 2 of the pages.

I have some Vanity Fair magazines, from a friend, as my main source of images.  The magazine tends to be full of celebrities and/or skinny women with open mouths looking pretty gormless in contorted poses.  Since they are advertising very expensive goods one is left to ponder about the wealthy and their image of life.

I must apologize to everyone who has commented on my post over many weeks.  They were all sent to spam courtesy of Google, like a misguided father protecting his elderly kin.  I do appreciate all of them and i will try to visit many of you later this week.


  1. Monica, you have a great start on that journal. I've never made one like that, but I so AGREE w/you on all the advertising and the false life they project. You might try getting some pics off the "net" to add to your journal, or I could just send you some of me and my life....now THAT would be a hoot!!
    Krisha #122

  2. How lucky you are to have this wonderful space for your work! I've always wondered about Kelly Kilmer's class.

  3. I'm taking this class too but I haven't even started. Your pages are great and I'm glad you are learning to use prompts. It seems they are a major part of my life. lol

  4. This sounds a fab class I scrap but often don't journal about the pictures.......thanks for letting browse over your desk


  5. Loving your journal pages it is great when you get a good teacher and you enjoy what you are doing.
    Ria #114

  6. Hi Monica, great desk and loving your journalling. Have a crafty Wednesday, hugs Erika.

  7. Hi Monica,

    The class sounds very interesting - and good job on the pages! I see you live in Kerrville. I hear it's beautiful there.

    Thank you for visiting me already.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #123

  8. Good luck with your classand journalling project - I have to say cutting stuff up for collage does make a terrible cluttery mess!! Happy WOYWW Cindy #74

  9. Lovely desk and glad you are enjoying your class - I am not sharing a desk as away from home looking after my friends cattery but enjoying having a good look around everyone else's desk

  10. great DESK and fine that you enjoy the class!looks creative!

    xxxx Susi

    with an invitation for you to our monthly Art Journal Challenge :

  11. 'restoration work' hahahaha!!

    Superb pages, I particularly like the one about dreaming on a glass of wine, great colour combo :)



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