Last week was really crazy, so much to do that i even forgot what day of the week it was so here we go.  (Just changed title to 191)
My usual mess.  Putting things away is not in my mind set.   This is the post for the weekly group What's On Your Workspace Wednesday, hosted by the ever spicy Julia   Working on a Kelly Kilmer class with a worksheet and prompt for every day.  Today finished # 14.  Sticking to the order makes it easier as there is so much to each class. 

The journal is on the upper left and that swirly is a Hambly transparency that a neighbor found somewhere and gave it to me as no-one knew what it was.  The tape is duct tape and that is a roll of polyester ribbons bought 30 years ago in Toronto. I have decide to donate a large selection of my dress fabrics as I no longer make clothes and as wellas back issues of Belle Armoire and Threads.  That is after a couple of friends check it out.  Need more room and different storage for all the stuff needed for journals and other paper crafts.

As promised,here are my button fairies, mentioned weeks ago, the Corky Girls.  They finally few off to Cheryl in Broken Arrow OK.  They thought they were going to Hollywood or Disney Land.   
Their names are CabSav, Zin and Merlot.
The buttons are old British military from the Queens own regiment, their wings are painted acrylic, hair is yarn and the corks are from my nightly pastime, drinking wine. In fact from the Navarro Winery in Philo CA. 

Each had their own document case and spending money, made from and Orbit package.
 This is CabSav (well i think it is)
 this is Merlot,( Zin was off checking the sherry bottle, after hearing it was a guy! )
They were made for a swap in the All Things Tim Yahoo group.

well back to my journaling!  have a good one.  


  1. Monica-the fairies are so cute! and I love that they travel with their own money!!

  2. Amazing fairies. I knit around corks but don't drink enough wine!! Thank you for your lovely comments
    Famfa 90 something

  3. Ohmygoodness . . .I think I need to come over and help tidy up! My Inner Tidiness Goddess is screeching her head off!

    Cute cork fairies though! Ingenius.


  4. Your fairies are adorable!!!! And I can see our desks are almost related! Thanks for visiting and happy WOYWW!!!
    Carol N #103

  5. SUPER CREATIVE!! LOVE the corky girls. I have the same pass time and keep all my corks. These would make such cute gifts for my friends that are wine drinkes too. Thanks for sharing.
    Krisha #109

  6. Ooh your fairies are soooo cute! Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@74)

  7. Oh just look at those button fairies they are just the best thing ever so cute. A great work space as well thanks for sharing
    Ria #44

  8. Just the chocolate for me - LOL OOps sorry forgot why I was here. Thanks for popping by my desk, your corky girls are cool - Happy WOYWW BJ#42

  9. Hi, Monica -- how cool that the cork fairies had their own passport and spending money. I'm sure their recipient will get huge enjoyment from your creations. Hope you're having a good WOYWW -- and thanks for visiting! ~ Laura #105

  10. Cork Fairies, and evening past times, I am understanding and enjoying! They look great, love the little travel packs. I haven't stopped completely, but really put down my needles when I discovered paper crafts (somuch gratuitously faster!) and am doing as you are, jsut about getting round to getting rid of stuff...

  11. Hi Monica
    THanks for your visit earlier. I see your button fairies are fabulous and I love how you have named them after wines.
    janet #32

  12. I love your journal!! Art journaling is one of my most favorite things to do!!
    Your cork fairies are soooo cute!!!

  13. What darling little fairies!!! And I LOVE that you used military buttons - how special! Definitely a keepsake gift!

    Jeannie #12

  14. Your angels are so cute. :-)
    Sorry I'm so late calling round this week....twinnie time had to come first :-)
    A x #62

  15. Belated WOYWW greetings.. thanks for visiting yeterday. Great workspace, plenty going on. Love your button fairies too... Gill x (#82)

  16. Your cork fairies are great. Love the stamped tags too. The colours are so beautiful. Thanks for visiting me. Bye, Franka

  17. Wonderful workspace and I LOVE that swirl. Your cork/button fairies are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Happy belated WOYWW. Caro #60

  18. Love the cork girls and I hope they find a very good home. home I am busy looking round to find some material to make the LilyBo quilts. I had a clear out a couple of years ago and now regret it. I reckon that swirl will be so well used. Thank you for your visit this week and have a good week. xx Maggie #11

  19. I enjoyed looking at the arty goodness on your desk! The swirly transparency looks interesting. Your cork fairies are CUTE!


  20. Monica, it seems that you are really enjoying the Kelly Kilmer class. What is it called? would you recommend it?

  21. Button fairies! What a cool idea!


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