Today the priority is cooking as we are having the neighbors in and I had to make some hors d'oevres .  
Yesterday added the additional signatures and stitched into sleeve binding of travel journal,  so I have a double double diamond design.  Sounds like a beer from UK!!

some of the signature
 this is actually a pocket

to the left a menus from a Chicago restaurant and a map pocket on right.  I stamped the red design onto white tape on the edge of the pocket.

 Digi pages to left with pocket.
 more pages
and on the right a bag made in to pocket.

 One of the added signatures, a favorite

left pafe is printed kitty vellum and right a pocket.

Back page, added Tylenol pack!

More pages

OK that's enough, back to the party.

More fun tomorrow.


  1. Ooh it's lovely, Monica! Thank you for giving us some sneaky peeks :)

    I hope you have a lovely time with your neighbours.


  2. I've never seen that binding in a double format before, and it looks crazy beautiful! Wow, you are an excellent student, Monica. The teacher must love seeing all you've done with her lessons!

  3. You are going to have to go on a long trip to fill that book up!! It's looking really good!

  4. The binding is Amazing. What patience you must have.
    Love the pages. YOu are going to have so much fun with this book.

  5. Your book is turning out fabulously! Thanks for sharing! Happy WOYWW! Tammy #90

  6. This is so gorgeous. I love the double diamond binding. Have a terrific time with the neighbors. Happy New Year. LisaDV #99

  7. Chicago -- my home town. :-) Travel journal looks neat! Brigita #100

  8. *LOVE*LOVE*LOVE* what you've done with this, Monica!

  9. *LOVE*LOVE*LOVE* what you've done with this, Monica! Bravo!

  10. a very interesting travel journal! happy new year!

  11. What a neat handmade book! Hope you have fun filling it. ~ Laura

  12. What a great piece you have going there, every page is as good or better than the last.
    Happy New Year
    Krisha #114

  13. Ooh Monica I
    Ts just fab, love the double diamond spine work, and the addition of the Tylenol pack, speaks of your sense of humour.

  14. Looking forward to seeing where the travel takes you!! Love the "DD" quote about the UK! Have fun with life. Karen x

  15. Happy New Year Monica :-)
    I've resolved the problem of not being able to upload pics from my pc by installing Google Chrome.
    Love your journal.
    I had a little chuckle when I read the opening sentence as I read it as 'Today the priority is cooking as we are having the neighbors' - as though you were cooking the neighbours' haha.
    Anne x

  16. Thank you for sharinb your journal. Great pockets.
    April #133

  17. Very cool book. I especially love your cover and double binding. Have fun filling it up


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