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Hi there everyone.  Hope you are settled in and swinging around the world checking out work space.  Your influence is incredible had to buy some Tetley tea bags this week and McVities  Hobnobs( not as good as digestive bickies)

The past week was a continuation of the great sort out and some hard decisions really about magazines.  Since disposing of my fabric stash I decided to divest myself of 15 years of Threads, Cloth Paper Scissors and Beadwork as well as bead and Button.   But where to.  no-one wants them, the answer is,and despite a few off the wall suggestions, they are going to recycle where these hefty tomes may become new magazines, give new writers, seamstresses, crafters and beaders opportunities to show the world the latest, newest of designs and creativity all stuff that was probably covered in all the recycled mags.  You know "everything old is new again."

The desk is cleared, the black are photo holders that I hear are good to store stamps.  the white mass are c…


THE BIG CLEAR OUT CONTINUES!!!!! I should have done this every year and disposed of items not used or bits of this that and the other .  You know, that 5 inch   bit of ribbon. you know the line, "one day I will just need a little" into the scrap box and after 10 years you find it.  
So here we are at flagellation day WOYWW  where some of us bare are .... before the world, an idea of Miss Dunnit who would love you to join in and visit pristine work desks of crafters around the world.
So here it it the work table; the sorted being kept in  piles, this is felt (most of it went a week ago

The work space entry, where the to go piles are in place
The window seat,  maybe I should think of it as my altered window seat.  The box on the floor held clothes patterns.  In fact this is more than a clear out it is a recycling of me and my stuff.  My focus has moved from wearable art and fiber art to paper with the odd bit of fabric thrown in.  The fabric has moved to a new home, the embellishme…


Busy week and continuing to work on Kelly Kilmer class   Marvel Your Precious Life.  I get stuck when I can't find and image and today broke out of that funk.  As a result the cleaned up studio fell into a total mess.

Here are today's pages
Cutting Down

Trying to stay healthy

Think positive

Changing Lives

time, the toughest mistress
Thankful To Be
SO now 11 more to go!!!  it is really making me think differently about journaling and layouts.  i finished 3 of them today and made the others.  I found it easier to make the backgrounds all together then go back and write al the journaling.  Think I got that idea from Teesha Moore.

Tomorrow, really is Wednesday so I will try to run around and see as many as possible at WOYWW .     SAY HII TO JULIE

Oh yes I actually gave all my fabrics away YESTERDAY.  Feel a bit light headed.  lets face it if you don't use it in 10 years......