Hi there everyone.  Hope you are settled in and swinging around the world checking out work space.  Your influence is incredible had to buy some Tetley tea bags this week and McVities  Hobnobs( not as good as digestive bickies)

The past week was a continuation of the great sort out and some hard decisions really about magazines.  Since disposing of my fabric stash I decided to divest myself of 15 years of Threads, Cloth Paper Scissors and Beadwork as well as bead and Button.   But where to.  no-one wants them, the answer is,and despite a few off the wall suggestions, they are going to recycle where these hefty tomes may become new magazines, give new writers, seamstresses, crafters and beaders opportunities to show the world the latest, newest of designs and creativity all stuff that was probably covered in all the recycled mags.  You know "everything old is new again."

The desk is cleared, the black are photo holders that I hear are good to store stamps.  the white mass are clear plastic bags, they appear to be another collectible.  The shelves are cleared of fabric, new plastic drawers set in up replacing tubs. Contains bracing themselves for another full life and a list made of where almost everything is.  we have to keep some surprises and the opportunity for the air to turn blue.  The yellow steps are essential in the life of one who is vertically challenged.  AND there is now only one sewing machine.  I donated the 25 year old working machine, though no longer able to embroidery stitch, perfect for embellishing cards! Plus the animal shelter thrift  had some one who had called about one.

Behold the empty shelves once filled with magazines.  which is why the shelves are bowed!  the tubs will be empty tomorrow after the contents are taken to the recycle center.  Wow I feel liberated.  So Lori  thanks for the encouragement, onward to new works.
PS Tripper cat is not at all pleased with the disruption of his afternoon snooze nor the plastic placed in the basket over his favorite fiber art book snoozing place.


  1. I'm not exaggerating one bit when I say that you are truly an inspiration. You've gone at this task little by little, week after week and WOW! You are there!!

  2. Well done you. I guess the hardest part was getting started? You've done a brilliant job. I can't even think about doing mine yet, I'm still in denial!

    Cloth Paper Scissors have a very healthy resale value on ebay in the uk.


  3. Good choice of biscuits!! I'm crying that you're having to get rid of your Cloth Papers Scissors magazine - I wish I could send a cyber collection van for them!! lol Good luck with the project - looks like its been hard work :)

  4. Oops sorry - That last post was from Kim #70 xx

  5. It looks Great, You have done a wonderful job.
    Will be a wonderful fresh start for you to create in x
    Happy WOYWW Heather #72

  6. Well, Monica, I think it is time you sat down and had a glass of wine and some chocolates!! Job well done.
    Krisha #21

  7. YAY Monica! Thanks for the shout-out and the encouragement as well. See a little atta-girl can go a long ways in moving the immoveable. Don't stop and be vigilant about what comes in the door! Love you. Lori

  8. Liberation indeed! Gives you a lift after a big clear out doesn't it! Chris141

  9. It does look as if you are almost there...What a light, freeing feeling it will be to have empty spaces and room to craft.
    I am on a commitment to use my stash so hope to eventually free up space too.
    It looks great!

  10. oh my gosh you are amazing to be able to do what you have done but I am sure there will be a lot of good things come from it

    Wishing you a really great WOYWW
    Ria #73

  11. Ah yes, vertically challenged, that'll be me too. Sounds like you're having a good clear out there! #85

  12. Looks like you are having a good clearest there. Thanks forth visit. Happy WOYWW. Karen 144 x

  13. first off I love the orange walls! Great de clutter you did! (I would have snagged thos mads at least to read once LOL! I used to save mine too but now I read them and pass them to a friend so they get around a few times before recycling, I found I never re reads them after I was done. Now you have so much more space, good for you! Happy WOYWW! Lindsay #115

  14. Hi Monica,

    Wow - you are really making progress! Those magazine titles made me drool a bit. I used to get Bead and Button when I was doing beadwork and loved it. Like you, I got rid of all my books but I still think of certain articles.

    Thanks for visiting me already!!

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Peace, Kay #2

  15. I have been trying to unpack and set up my studio for almost a year now. I have finally gotten most of the house straightened out but still am working on my studio. It is amazing how much "stuff" we accumulate. I feel like a miniature version of hoarders but with paper, magazines, books and art supplies. What you have done is fantastic. I am seeing that you are limiting what you keep according to what you are interested in art wise. I am finding that I want to keep everything. Please share your tips on what to keep and what not to keep. Everything looks great. You are an inspiration.

  16. Thank you for the inspiration to clear out some stuff. I hardly have space to buy one more thing. It affects me working in my studio. I spent this weekend reorganizing my tables and put two big tables away and went with a small one. I can walk in the room, and decided that more space ment more places to lay things. I started in on side of the room and found things I will never use. Why keep them I asked myself Some one else will love them....I love your desk on your knees. We are traveling across country in out car in a few weeks...I usually do the driving, but will take stuff for the hotel rooms...will be crossing Texas to and laughter at the first 20 million miles of Texas....


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