THE BIG CLEAR OUT CONTINUES!!!!! I should have done this every year and disposed of items not used or bits of this that and the other .  You know, that 5 inch   bit of ribbon. you know the line, "one day I will just need a little" into the scrap box and after 10 years you find it.  

So here we are at flagellation day WOYWW  where some of us bare are .... before the world, an idea of Miss Dunnit who would love you to join in and visit pristine work desks of crafters around the world.

So here it it the work table; the sorted being kept in  piles, this is felt (most of it went a week ago

The work space entry, where the to go piles are in place

The window seat,  maybe I should think of it as my altered window seat.  The box on the floor held clothes patterns. 
In fact this is more than a clear out it is a recycling of me and my stuff.  My focus has moved from wearable art and fiber art to paper with the odd bit of fabric thrown in.  The fabric has moved to a new home, the embellishments and ribbon will move to a children's program at the Kroc center and the magazines and patterns to the quilt guild.  Now some one else can become a thrifty hoarder.

Have a great week and I must carry on  with recycling  as stuff has to be moved before Tripper brings chaos to chaos.


  1. Wonderful progress, and good for you!! I have to do this at least once a year because of my limited apartment space. I can only keep what i think i will really, truly use, and try to use up the things I keep. This is good for me, because I could hoard those "precious" supplies if I had the space to do so. I'm impressed with your diligence, Monica!

  2. Great Monica!! it's so hard to decide what to keep and what to throw out!

  3. Oh yes, I hoard the tiniest scraps which is quite ridiculous. I really should have a sort out of my supplies but even the thought of it exhausts me. Well done, you!

    I have to admit that I am rather envious of all your storage space, although if it was mine I would stuff it full of teeny tiny scraps :)


  4. Good luck with the clear out. I always find it hard to do, just in case 'that bit' might be desperately needed...Happy WOYWW Gill x #64

  5. Looking good Monica, always a slow progress.
    Krisha #133

  6. You are having such a wonderful clear out and its lovely that you are sending some where others may use it x
    Happy WOYWW Heather # 62

  7. You have a fabulous crafting area Monica. I find it very hard to throw away! Have been trying to this year though. My granddaughters have some 'new' stuff to craft with. :-0 Anne x #134

  8. wow sometimes it is hard to have such a big clear out because you find stuff you forgot about and then you think maybe I could use that. I wish you lots of luck with it and hope it gives you room for new stash
    Happy WOYWW I hope you have a great day
    Ria #47

  9. Well done on having a good sort out its never easy to do .... Giving things to a good cause helps I find
    Thanks for visiting my desk
    Jackie 3

  10. Wow such a great cathartic experience to have a major de-clutter ! I still have a cupboard of quilt fabric from 5 years ago ! I did give a lot away but still have the "I might get back into to it one day" feeling about the rest ! And now 2 paper-crafting cupboards full too !! Thanks for stopping by earlier ! Oh and do have as much of our rain as you like - poured all day again here & we are all sick to death of it - but at least it's better than snow ! Ali #22

  11. Awesome sorting! I need to do the same thing and plan on doing so as I move into my new craft home this month! Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #17

  12. Congratulations! That's always such a huge project especially after so many years. Bet you feel great!

  13. Your room is just so lovely and vibrant! I think you will feel fabulous when it is all done. The hardest thing to do when doing my room was letting go of stuff. I LOVE the space you have and the color and fun flooring! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see what you create next time!

  14. GO Monica! The best part is you actually put it OUT the door! Good work.

  15. Don't you find it easier to breathe? Now you have space to create and feel good about passing it along to those who will really need and use it. xoxo


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