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WOYWW # 199

It is really Tuesday at 4.48 pm and it is time to get going on dinner.  Hoping to post this tomorrow around 8am on Julie's site for people to see what I am doing as they trot around the world seeing how alike we really all are.  There are many who are neat and tidy in their working style, a minor difference.  We all share a love of arts and crafts and enjoy the work of others. There are also many like me who cannot work with a clean desk.  It has taken 6 days to recover from last weeks tidy up.  So here it is.  The blank journal was started yesterday and finished this morning.  It is for the Kelly Kilmer class starting April 5th called Swatches. this book is 4 x 5.5 inches.  On the left is a book cover for a larger book the spine is drying.  For this class the pages will be copy paper and since it is a collage class they should be quite firm

here is the book;  made it with 3 signatures and this binding stitch that is really a cross stitch.  It is fabric covered.  
Finally also going…


Last week was a BIG senior moment for me thinking it was WOYWW 147!!! It must have been in the wee pre-coffee hour of the morning.
Today i am pleased to say the desk is as clear as it will ever be and with a quick vacuum over, cleaned, that is it.  Of course not much was created this week, a tag for a friend, lots of food but not my usual flurry of creative activity.  Kelly Kilmer announced a lovely class involving Swatches, Little books revisited.  What a bargain $20 and as usual I am sure there will be  a great amount of teaching material.   She says no, inks or paints just painting with paper.
 Take a look at the desk....ready for action

See even computer desk is clear, and that list to the left is a list of the dob of my adopted mothers family going back to 1837.  

Just a long shot of the cleared up room.

Ordered book board from Hollander to start on a new book cover to make more journals. Decided that I want to try to make a stronger cover.  
Perhaps i can also solve the mystery of why…

WOYWW # 197

This is my desk tonight. I finished the travel parts of my journal today and decided the journal is too big, too heavy and not right for my needs. It is hard making a journal before a trip then adding to it pages and envelopes of memorabilia. Possibly having everything ready to finish and put together. This was my real first attempt to finish as I go. The idea that this one journal would meet my travel needs of the year and other need is not working for the reasons noted earlier. So I plan to make journals as I go adding envelopes, flaps, pocket etc. on the trip to Phoenix I me two online friends, Rita Atkinson from the sketchbook project , a Yahoo group. We have belonged to that group for 8 to 9 years. Barbara, I met at a Kelly Kilmer class two years ago and have followed her on her blog and again in the last class Marvel You Precious Life and in the Mary Ann Moss, Ticket to Venice where we made the journal. Mary Ann is the authority on travel Journals. Barbara is an i…

WOYWW #195

Last week we left for Phoenix for NASCAR. First though I spent Friday with some online friends. Thats coming in a post when I get home and blogging is easier. On monday I met up with online friends again , great day. Here is my on the road desk, my knee. My journal. The trip home was filled the unexpected including the overnight camp ground stop where they only were in the office 9 am to 4pm. We arrived at 6 pm so they were closed and had to wait until 9am to pay and leave; then the fridge door dropping off en route. Chris fixed it with duct tape. We arrived at Fort Stockton at 7.30 pm. The route fro Benson AZ crosses endless miles of dessert, high plateau with only shrubs and occasional trees. In New Mexico the winds were so strong the mountains were hidden. It was a long day. It always blows me away to think that people crossed this area on foot. The terrain is so tough and sparsely inhabited even now. The first 20 0hundred miles into Texas are the worst!Posted wit…