Last week was a BIG senior moment for me thinking it was WOYWW 147!!! It must have been in the wee pre-coffee hour of the morning.

Today i am pleased to say the desk is as clear as it will ever be and with a quick vacuum over, cleaned, that is it.  Of course not much was created this week, a tag for a friend, lots of food but not my usual flurry of creative activity.  Kelly Kilmer announced a lovely class involving Swatches, Little books revisited.  What a bargain $20 and as usual I am sure there will be  a great amount of teaching material.   She says no, inks or paints just painting with paper.

 Take a look at the desk....ready for action

See even computer desk is clear, and that list to the left is a list of the dob of my adopted mothers family going back to 1837.  

Just a long shot of the cleared up room.

Ordered book board from Hollander to start on a new book cover to make more journals. Decided that I want to try to make a stronger cover.  

Perhaps i can also solve the mystery of why Coral PSP remains my default for downloading photos after hours of attempting to make Canon the default.  

As it is early evening here in Texas i will have to post this tomorrow morning after my first coffee and my head joins my body, then about noon have hair appointment when i can visit all your blogs and write comments.  So hello Julie, thanks for sharing your crazy idea on visiting blogs.

It is 4. 46 pm so cocktail hour!


  1. Impressively neat and tidy space!

  2. Spookily tidy!

    The new class sounds interesting, I'll pop over in a mo and have a read about it.

    It's 7.18am here in the UK, so not quite the cocktail hour yet (they don't go very well with muesli anyway!)


  3. your WOYWW post made me giggle. you are so funny. This work room is so fabulous -WOW is all I can think to say. Wish I could have a place like it. for now I am working in the kitchen because I need sunlight and a big sink Yesterday I had to wash off paint splatters on my oven door...Hubby is going to have my head


  4. Wish I had all that space. Oh well, it's just more to clean. lol Seriously, I find it interesting to see artist spaces and your's is certainly all you.

  5. Your room looks a fab place to work in and so very tidy:)

    Happy WOYWW Susi #67

  6. That is some work space. What a wonderfully large table. There's plenty of room there for some very serious crafting. Happy Wednesday. Kate x #57

  7. you have such a great work space and it looks ready for action, the new class sounds interesting
    Have a wonderful WOYWW
    Ria #44

  8. You have a great craft space and very tidy it is to .... Seems a few of us have had a tidy up this week!

  9. I love your workspace :) Such a lot of room for everything and well done at keeping it so tidy. How lovely that you are researching your adopted mother's family - I hope yoiu manage to find out some interesting stuff :) Happy WOYWW xx
    Karen #167


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