WOYWW # 199

It is really Tuesday at 4.48 pm and it is time to get going on dinner.  Hoping to post this tomorrow around 8am on Julie's site for people to see what I am doing as they trot around the world seeing how alike we really all are.  There are many who are neat and tidy in their working style, a minor difference.  We all share a love of arts and crafts and enjoy the work of others. There are also many like me who cannot work with a clean desk.  It has taken 6 days to recover from last weeks tidy up.  So here it is.  The blank journal was started yesterday and finished this morning.  It is for the Kelly Kilmer class starting April 5th called Swatches. this book is 4 x 5.5 inches.  On the left is a book cover for a larger book the spine is drying.  For this class the pages will be copy paper and since it is a collage class they should be quite firm

here is the book;  made it with 3 signatures and this binding stitch that is really a cross stitch.  It is fabric covered.  
Finally also going to finish my shorts, cut out 8 months ago.  Julie wrote Tuesday about not liking to put anything away while working on a project.  I feel the same way.  So the task set for me by me is to work 15 mins a day sewing.  Multitasking is not my thing.  

This week bought book board from Hollanders in An Arbor MI.  The plan is to make a large book and to re make the last class by Kelly.  

See you all tomorrow after gym.  


  1. love that washi tape! Your desktop looks very colorful.

  2. Love the covers of that book! and your new blog look is great!!

  3. Hi Monica, love your colourful desk - very cheery - and your book is lovely. I have a few unfinished projects spread around the craft space and, like you, should discipline myself to just get on with just one and finish it so good luck with your planned 15 minutes a day sewing. Happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x #45

  4. Monica: Love your setup! I love the idea of decorating a box to put projects in together! Yours is so cool (patterns and colors etc). I am not a multitasker, as when I do I have "accidents" like Sat when I destroyed my Vagabond machine.UGH. Have a great Easter! Winnie #78

  5. Yoiur books look lovely, Monica. Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@29)

  6. Hi Monica! Love the fabric you have used for your book cover. I swing between being tidy and messy on a weekly basis. I would prefer to be tidy as I get stressed when I can't put my hands on things (hence endless bottles of glue, scissors, pokey tools) but once I get going it beomes chaotic very quickly. Happy WOYWW Cindy #91

  7. Lovely busy desk. Love the colourful journal x April #89

  8. Love all the colours and how busy your desk is
    Bridget #46 Happy Easter

  9. What a lot going on fabulous colours

    Jakix #129

  10. Hi Monica, sound like your going to be very busy with your project have fun and thanks for letting us snoop around

    happy woyww

    frankiesue #26

  11. That fabric covered journal is beautiful!

  12. Hi Monica. Thanks for stopping in at my blog. You and I shared a similar story this week regarding work space philosophy. You say you don't multi-task but it sure looks like you've got lots going on. Craft on. Charlotte #16something this week.

  13. Monica,
    We are neighbors and I love chocolate and red wine also.

  14. what great stuff.. flowing creativity!

  15. You have the tidiest messy desk I've ever seen! Love that fabric. Do you have instructions for the cross stitch binding that you could share? I was hoping that one of the bindings for Swatches would be multi-signature, though it takes me long enough to get through one. Have a wonderful Easter.

  16. I'm finally catching up with your latest blog post (life seems to be crazy busy right now!). I do so love your journals, the bindings are wonderful.



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