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WOYWW. 204

Well yesterday I thought I had completed the Swatches classes and then today Kelly put up 29 and 30. That means 2 more to go. I finished 5 backgrounds and intended writing them up and embellishing on the trip to Breaux Bridges for the Crawfish Festival. They will be finished and then on return will finish the final two. After completing the backgrounds , my desk was cleared and I sorted all the images. I may have to attack the garbage to find a few good backgrounds! So here is the tidy desk, hay! It' relative. On the front left all the bits traveling with me, my big , too big journal and the baskets with torn out images and one with backgrounds
Made a tag as a thank you for friends. This is it.

Wiped out my camera in error Sunday and lost some great shots
Tomorrow it will be 90 F and 40 in the pm. Enough to screw up the world!

Bedtime and tomorrow it is load the RV, buy groceries and generally prepare for the trip.  Just a short trip but it takes as much work as a long one.


hello everyone, welcome to my home.  grab your morning bevvie of choice and check me out!

Today it is like being in the UK, grey and drizzle all day, around 16.1 C (61 F).  So different than yesterday.  It is no wonder we humans are acting up, so is the weather.    

Last week many commented on the view from my windows.  It is spectacular.  I chose the site because of the view so the house is pier and beam construction.  DH enclosed it underneath because it gets cold in winter and this is a concrete house.  that means it holds heat or cold.  Today it is perfect inside.  Julie, the creator of WOYWW is home from her trip to UK and probably fast asleep as it is about 11 pm there. If you wish to find out what this is all about pay her a visit and join in a legal snoop around. 

Our Sunday Visitor,

Our visitor right below the deck  Freddy Fox,  not scared in the least.  tripper slunk into the house after seeing him form the deck.

Here is my desk today.  This is my Swatches journal from a month lo…


Having a problem with blogger tonight.  SO welcome hope you are enjoying scouting out work desks across the world.  WOYWW is the brainchild of Ms Julie.  So do get to it if you have not already and see what everyone is up to.
Due to my delight in making my Swatches journal for the Kelly Kilmer class my desk remains a jumble of item used, being used, or just maybes.
The action center the journal to the left my water bottle and to the right tools.  Wondrous thins!
The window seat holds baskets of scraps intended for the journal.  They are rummaged through on a daily basis in search of the perfect image.

My office desk not truly the workspace although I sometime finish a journal page here.  I prefer to head for another room to write in the journal.
I think it is time for bed.  See you all in the morning.



Finally got blogger to work and let me write this blog.  So how are you all ready to trot off across the world and check out who is tidy and who is not.  I'm in the "not" division.  If this is your first visit then you must go and see Miss Julie, the grand dame and designer of this weekly visitation.
Continuing to work on my Swatches journal for the Kelly Kilmer class. Constantly rummaging around for scraps to use in the journal hence the state of my desk.

WOYWW 201 Oh what a blissful mess

This week is proving a trying week in that I cannot keep up with what day of the week it is.  Last week was fun as Kelly Kilmer released her Swatches class early. 1 to 4 were posted on the previous post.  I like to work on several pages at a time then return to journal and  embellish.  AND so my desk is once more blissfully happy over flowing at the return to normal.   A blissful mess, it means the creative juices are flowing and the fun has started! It is so much fun to jump in surround myself with all the bits of this that and the other needed for each page.  Hours of plundering folders and packets of paper images torn from magazine, hours to rummage through possible backgrounds and then come the auditions!

This is page 4  where the paper used was  too dull for the previous page as background.  my journaling was  about a proposed visit to the local vineyards but Chris and I had not pinned it down so we went our own ways. The day also started a little overcast. 

 Next is incomplete but…

Swatches a journal workshop

Here are my journal(s) for the Kelly Kilmer.  here are the first 4 pages

These books are made using scraps from magazines and templates from Kelly who encourages a lot of individual interpretations of her instructions.  I have used as focal, this time, on line images collected over many years.  

This is page two where we were to experiment with transparent papers.  it did not work so I ripped it out. The green is actually transparent from a long ago swap and the lower one says "it's the good girls who keep diaries the bad girls never have time"  attributed to may west.

This is actually page 4 as Blogger likes to mess with downloading.  it is about lettering size and layering.  Chris and I had discussed visiting the wineries today and we both never followed through.   I remembered that when I started to make this page.
below is page 3.  It started out very different with a very neutral background that did not work out.  it was torn out and this one created in pastel pink as K…

WOYWW# 200

KM My workspace today? I am making the shorts cut out 7 months ago. They need a little handwork. I expected them to be finished Friday but friends were here from out of town so I spent most of my time in the kitchen and really not doing much else. Today doctors appointments meant no crafting. Sop celebrate 200! mucho thanks Julie. For this crazy idea.Have a new scheme where I check backwards and read all the late ones and leave comments when possible then go to all the ones with the same last number a I get!Posted with Blogsy