WOYWW 201 Oh what a blissful mess

This week is proving a trying week in that I cannot keep up with what day of the week it is.  Last week was fun as Kelly Kilmer released her Swatches class early. 1 to 4 were posted on the previous post.  I like to work on several pages at a time then return to journal and  embellish.  AND so my desk is once more blissfully happy over flowing at the return to normal.   A blissful mess, it means the creative juices are flowing and the fun has started! It is so much fun to jump in surround myself with all the bits of this that and the other needed for each page.  Hours of plundering folders and packets of paper images torn from magazine, hours to rummage through possible backgrounds and then come the auditions!

This is page 4  where the paper used was  too dull for the previous page as background.  my journaling was  about a proposed visit to the local vineyards but Chris and I had not pinned it down so we went our own ways. The day also started a little overcast. 

 Next is incomplete but the images spoke to me and fit in the template.  it is not quite finished and the battery on the camera  began to tell me it was dying so it is not a very good photo.

I found a stencil from many years ago about coffee and stamped the beans on the bottom and the top.  Worlds apart but something in common, a love of coffee

And finally this one page 6 was a lot of auditioning, also a victim of dying battery.

this is far from finished and the left side image although  trimmed down was all about opulence.  The right image involved lots of cutting down, a real step for me.

Trying to use Washi tape.  I keep buying it and then wonder why.

Well better return to the other creative task, making dinner.  This is my latest cooking reincarnation where i am trying to simplify and innovate.  Tonight is not going to plunge into that mode as it is leftovers, to be precise, pork ribs and a potato salad.  The latter was a new recipe for me and something I normally never make.  The ribs were cooked in the oven with my own dry rub and homemade bar-b-que sauce, not outside on the grill.  Very good.

SO have fun visiting everyone on WOYWW, great idea from that ever entertaining Julie.  



  1. Ah-a blissful mess!! Don't we love it! I can tell you are having so much fun and enjoy playing with that washi tape!!

  2. Loving the look of your desk, it's a wonderful mess love the pages your making is it an art journal?

  3. Love the desk!! So inspiring. Great pages too. So different from other things you do.
    We had a lady from Liverpool visit our writing group today. She reminded me of you but not as bouncy. She was a singer and went on tour with Ringo before he actually joined the Beatles. It was great listening to her. Made me miss you though.

  4. Shame you missed your visit to the vineyard - maybe another time. Great desk
    Famfa 97

  5. Hey they are really great journal pages, so full of individuality and style. I am not a user of washi tape, purchased some years ago when it first came out and never got around to using it. Some people swear by the stuff and I love looking at how others use it is different ways, yours is good.

    happy WOYWW
    Eliza 47

  6. Hi Monica, thanks for the visit, I am running so late this week. This will probably get me into trouble for enabling, lol, but there IS a Movers & Shapers Tattered Florals. Also a Tattered Flower garland strip die. The three all mix brilliantly together, I think I use them more than any of my others. I love the journal, its so cool. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz#127 xx

  7. Great desk this week. I know what you mean about washi tape, have hardly touched mine. Happy WOYWW Cindy #63

  8. Lovely journalling - I never have done that. Maybe I should a little more :)

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  9. Lots of creativeness going on!! I ADORE Washi tape ... have loads ... use it lots!! Thanks for visiting me earlier and Happy WOYWW! sarah #125

  10. Thanks for leaving a comment Monica, you are not 107 by the way you are 106! Second person this evening to get it wrong by one!

    Wonderfully messy desk and I like you pages especially the wine one.

    Cazzy x 114

  11. Great pages! I have now had a glass of wine and I am still trying to visit everyone so my message may be incoherent lol! jenx 129

  12. Monica, my "studio" is a corner in my attic, so using the door for storage got stuff off the floor...so that I could buy more stuff 'cause now there's room on the floor...and on it goes. Your desk looks HAPPY! Charlotte #124

  13. Your pages are really coming out so nicely. For some reason the wine one speaks to me :)

  14. Like you, I love being creative with my paper bits AND in the kitchen!!! Such a great life - :D Love your pages!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #32

  15. Monica, great pages. You are really enjoying Kelly Kilmer, and I'm enjoying seeing the things you create!


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