Having a problem with blogger tonight.  SO welcome hope you are enjoying scouting out work desks across the world.  WOYWW is the brainchild of Ms Julie.  So do get to it if you have not already and see what everyone is up to.

Due to my delight in making my Swatches journal for the Kelly Kilmer class my desk remains a jumble of item used, being used, or just maybes.

The action center the journal to the left my water bottle and to the right tools.  Wondrous thins!

The window seat holds baskets of scraps intended for the journal.  They are rummaged through on a daily basis in search of the perfect image.

My office desk not truly the workspace although I sometime finish a journal page here.  I prefer to head for another room to write in the journal.
I think it is time for bed.  See you all in the morning.


  1. WOW--you must have everything out but the kitchen sink-I know the feeling. Can hardly wait to see exactly what you are making!

  2. Hi, Monica! I love your view! Wowzers! Looking out across that gorgeous deck to those beautiful mountains? Fabulous! ♥

  3. Hi, Michelle! I love your view! Wowzers! Looking out across that gorgeous deck to those beautiful mountains? Fabulous! ♥

  4. LOVE your desk and the action going on! Would love to see more about your swatches journal--combines my love of fabric and art journaling no doubt! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #96

  5. Hi Monica,
    GREAT looking creative desk this week. Do hope you will post some pages from the journal your working on.
    Krisha #114

  6. What a great work space & love you desk today looks very active have a good day! Debs x

  7. Can I just have a hammock out there on the deck so I can stay a while?! Beautiful inside and outside! SueC#97

  8. Certainly loads of stuff around how do you find anything? - thanks for visiting me already BJ#1

  9. I agree with Anne (above) you have an absolutely stunning view!

    Searching for the perfect image can lead to madness. I should know.

    Have a lovely week!


  10. You are really having some fun. Happy crafting #30

  11. You have a great desk going on there lots of crafting stash to look at
    Have a great WOYWW today and enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #40

  12. great photos of such a busy, creative space! love that window seat - and what a view... just gorgeous!
    happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    i overslept, so no. 21 this week!

  13. Wow - so much happening here.... and what a view. I don't think I would ever get anything done if I was "forced" to look at that view every moment - I'd be just far too busy gazing at it!
    Have a great fun week.
    Margaret (glitterandglue #89)

  14. oh but I would kill for that view
    Bridget #28

  15. Lots going on in your workspace, lovely.
    Karen #61

  16. What a busy crafty fun looking space you have, so many treasures to look at! And a beautiful view out the window to boot. You got it all girlfriend. Hugs, Cathryn #141

  17. What a great space! I love the colour of your walls and the flooring. Thanks for sharing. Lisa Sparkle #44

  18. Know what you mean about a 'blissful mess' - I create in chaos! My desk has a tidal wave of goodies that wax and wane as I am working, but there always comes a point where I look at my desk and go yuk! Time to sort (hate that bit!)
    Happy woyww

    Debs #75

  19. That's a desk full of creativity! Swatch making can be so much fun! Gorgeous view outside your window! Thanks for visiting : D #15


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