hello everyone, welcome to my home.  grab your morning bevvie of choice and check me out!

Today it is like being in the UK, grey and drizzle all day, around 16.1 C (61 F).  So different than yesterday.  It is no wonder we humans are acting up, so is the weather.    

Last week many commented on the view from my windows.  It is spectacular.  I chose the site because of the view so the house is pier and beam construction.  DH enclosed it underneath because it gets cold in winter and this is a concrete house.  that means it holds heat or cold.  Today it is perfect inside.  Julie, the creator of WOYWW is home from her trip to UK and probably fast asleep as it is about 11 pm there. If you wish to find out what this is all about pay her a visit and join in a legal snoop around. 

Our Sunday Visitor,

Our visitor right below the deck  Freddy Fox,  not scared in the least.  tripper slunk into the house after seeing him form the deck.

Here is my desk today.  This is my Swatches journal from a month long class with Kelly Kilmer.  It is mixed media and we use torn up bits of paper to make a page on which to write up a journal.  She supplies a daily layout and prompt( you can do your own thing so don't expect to see it written out as such, it really is just a kick in the pants)!  

here is the page shown

The prompt made me think about the courage shown my victims  runners and many Bostonian's. 
On a lighter note here are two earlier pages of the 19 made so far

In my long ago youth, I bought an outfit similar to the one in the picture, and wore it everywhere.  it was meant to be a thing to wear at home but i loved it.  I think i probably resembled a little gnome.  It resulted in a many free drinks a many interesting conversations and friends, no regrets.  So I called this memories.  it was so much fun to make.

The image got me going for this one, created after a discussion of daylight savings.

this week I finally turned to altering a couple of pairs of shorts and finishing the lime green pair.  Altering is more time consuming than making them.  The alterations required making a slit and I just could not see it clearly in my head, yesterday.  Today I knew how i should have done it but will do that in the red pair.  The easy bit is hemming.

Well that's it i will post this to Julie's list that should make me round 100.  I can never stay up to catch the start of the list and I usually do all with the same last number, then fill in to the bottom and look out for a few I like to follow.


  1. your pages look great! Would have loved to see that outfit!

  2. Monica, your journal pages have so much depth and character. Love that fox!

  3. Hi Monica,
    I am loving your journal, I remember those outfits, I wore mine everywhere too ......LOL
    Krisha #108

  4. LOL! Your pages are such fun! The daylight savings one sounds like my children! Have a great week.

  5. I am loving your journal pages there are a lot of layers and detail included on them really lovely
    Happy WOYWW #203 and thank you for sharing your desk with us today
    Ria #60

  6. Your journal pages with swatches are lovely...and very creative.
    And your workspace looks inviting! Thanks for sharing the pic of Freddy! Here in out in the country(Central Texas) we have coyotes that howl and roam near our backyard! dix---

  7. I love your swatch journal, it looks like so much fun, especially the No Regrets page. I've had outfits like that too, so I can relate!

    Love the fox too.

    I'm trying to do the same as you about visiting, but this week has been strange. I started out as #105, so visited all the 5s. Yesterday afternoon my number changed to 110, so I visited all the 0s. This morning it is #108, so I'll go to all the 8s!!!

    Thanks so much for your visit! Kathi

  8. Fabulous journals, what a lovely posting for this week. Thanks for stopping by my blog,

    Karen K

  9. What fascinating pages!!! My visiting has been sparse so far but hope to get some more done tomorrow. Thanks for visiting!!
    Carol N #104

  10. Love your photos and your projects are lovely. Thank you for sharing.



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