Tuesday, May 28, 2013

WOYWW 208 the biggy

Congratters Julia! you started a movement for all us nosey's to get to see others work space all over the world. When I sit to write this I forgot what anniversary it is for WOYWW. Another senior moment. I worked this week on making ATC for the swap and 6 made .  So any takers?   My email www24groups@gmail.com 

 I also bought the pedal pushers die and stamp set from Papertrey. I have already lost the quotes stamps, not even tried them out. So pissed off. Tripper must be running a cat group. I made a couple of cards that I gave to people. This is a first venture in that direction. I want to make a bunch that I can just get to and send instead of rushing around every time an occasion calls for a card. Things like get well and a note for various things like thank you. That appears to be a great way to learn to stamp.

Hopefully stamping on a die cut is one of those skills that with practice you usually get it right. That saves sticking bits of flowers and cuties on it to cover up mistakes.
A friend called me to tell me that she just watched a program about a hoarder who bought scrapbook supplies and went into debt. She is buried under mountains of cute but no made scrapbooks.
This is Tripper, our sweet, now old, baby who rushed off into the bathroom on hearing Momma Cardinal hit the window. The nut case bird is attacking her own reflection.
Not too happy as he missed her.
The past week we have had. Heavy rain. The aquifer is -12 feet above normal and the temperature is around 86 and it is 80 inside. Today we made marmalade as a friend and neighbor, who lives in Houston and is a gardener, Carol, gave us a bag of grapefruit from her garden and some lemons (see previous post about lemon bars and lemon meringue pie made by Kay with some of the lemons)so here is the results of our labors. The jar with the label is half full. To be eaten soon!
This is the shot from across the kitchen catches the light from the windows above the cabinets. It was the first time making it on the induction top and we were unable to use the enamel canning pot for making as they do not have stainless bottoms. We used the pasta pot to process the jars and it worked OK. They are beginning to make more Induction pots. To Europeans it must seem strange as they have had induction for years. now natural gas is expensive so induction is a great alternative to gas and for us much better than propane.
Well time to dig out the left overs but first here is a toast to you Julie, the liquid sort so no marmalade.

To Julia!

Monday, May 27, 2013

A dinner with friends

Yesterday we had Kay and Art over for Dinner. Kay is a fabulous cook and so she offered to make dessert and I asked for a lemon meringue pie, as Carole a gardener from Houston gave me a dozen or more of the largest wonderful, juiciest lemons ever. Carole also grew incredible grapefruit that we will use to make marmalade tomorrow. Not only did Kay make this pie she also made lemon bars, luscious and yummy.


So I had to come up with a great dinner. We had a pork shoulder in the freezer and so decided to mAke this the focus. Not wanting to make Pernil again, its a Puerto Rican, and the Latin sides I decided on French. On Line cooks came up with nothing so I returned to a Julia menu form her More Company book.


Starting with a celery root remoulade, Imagine HEB in Kerrville carried this veggie served with green beans and tomato. Next was the pork shoulder, a diversion from the menu but pork just the same, rendered scrumptious with olive oil, garlic and rosemary and roasted in the oven. The clincher was the side Butternut squash with ginger and garlic and Steamed Mixed Greens.


Because Chris considers all meals without gravy inferior and really has a sauce and...... I created a light onion gravy.

The Star!



Of course no food is really great without wine so we had Navarro Pinot Blanc to sip on and the appetizer then Navarro Rose of Pinot Noir. Incredible! For dessert a Colorado wine Stone Cottage , a sweet delicate dessert wine. Then Chris decided we needed to share the Paso Porto we had saved for many years with good friends. So six bottles was quite a record. My memory is fuzzy of all the details but there was a session of photographing the planets on the deck and even the kitchen was cleaned up.

So quite a memorable Memorial weekend.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013


This weekend we went to Austin for the V8 Australian car races.  An easy trip, so we thought.  I drove my Beetle and Chris the RV.  He had a tire blow out after 20 miles, my iPad cratered just when I needed it and Chris had not fully set up his mobile.  great start.  I went to the Apple store over at a fancy mall on Saturday they reset it.   Pity there is no way to know that from the basic manual!  Chris of course was wild about the race and the Circuit of the Americas track, chatting to all the visiting Aussies.  Me, I was not happy with the lack of shade.  Mind you, for $1,000 and up you can sit in the air conditioned stands.   And it was HOT, very hot in the 90s  (32.22C).  I thought the "public" area was total tack.  Not a canopy anywhere.  They are so penny pinching they made Chris throw away the sandwich I made him!  eventually I found that in the concert arena there was a canopy for the sound equipment and the huddled masses were chilling out there.
Glad to be home. 

For me the best part was dinner Saturday night with friends Kate and Dennis at the Dominion  a very trendy mall in north Austin, pronounced "too Dallas" by locals.  I thought of it as Peking west!  It was not covered just lots of streets and there were apartments over the shops like a true small town.  Happily this was where apple was located so i dropped Chris at the track and headed to civilization.  So today I am making some pages in my travel journal.  This is the opening page of the trip.

and here we have the second and third pages.  I had a photo of the winner all set to be glued in and had to run over with my car for an oil change.  This gave tripper the opportunity to mess around on the desk top.  Photo is gone!

 here is fashion from the race track!!
 he said the hat was worth every penny, one of the huddled masses!

If you look closely the scarf is attached to the hat with paper clips!

And here we have the true fashionista!!! I have ordered a hat that will surely place me in the foreign legion!

So onward with Wednesday wanderings to everyone's desk and I think we are close to the ATC week.  thanks Julie.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WOYWW 206 no time to clean up

It is 2 17am here in Kerrville Tx. Why am I up? A thunder storm just finished after two hours of boom and flash. My desk is a mess as I had a friend over yesterday and we looked at some of my old stuff.
Bits and pieces I made in an on line group . Just playing around. The cat photo says "mirror, mirror on the wall who is the cutest cat of all". I did not have time to clean up when MaryVee left.
We travel to Austin on Friday for the Australian car races. I am going up in my Beetle and Chris will drive up earlier in the RV.
May try for some sleep and check you all out tomorrow. I want to see what the swap is all about.
Apologies for posting twice.  It must mean I should get back to be but my post never showed up on iPad!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Well here we are Wednesday am and time to show my desk again.

We arrived home from a trip to the Crawfish Festival in Louisiana and I was at my art day with my friend Deanie yesterday so I dumped everything onto the table. I worked on my Swatches Journal on the trip and yesterday I returned to beading this cuff, started 3 years ago!

Now off to gym and later todAy will work on finishing journal and maybe a short time on the cuff. Will try to post this now as it is written in Blogsy for the iPad.

Have a great day.