A dinner with friends

Yesterday we had Kay and Art over for Dinner. Kay is a fabulous cook and so she offered to make dessert and I asked for a lemon meringue pie, as Carole a gardener from Houston gave me a dozen or more of the largest wonderful, juiciest lemons ever. Carole also grew incredible grapefruit that we will use to make marmalade tomorrow. Not only did Kay make this pie she also made lemon bars, luscious and yummy.


So I had to come up with a great dinner. We had a pork shoulder in the freezer and so decided to mAke this the focus. Not wanting to make Pernil again, its a Puerto Rican, and the Latin sides I decided on French. On Line cooks came up with nothing so I returned to a Julia menu form her More Company book.


Starting with a celery root remoulade, Imagine HEB in Kerrville carried this veggie served with green beans and tomato. Next was the pork shoulder, a diversion from the menu but pork just the same, rendered scrumptious with olive oil, garlic and rosemary and roasted in the oven. The clincher was the side Butternut squash with ginger and garlic and Steamed Mixed Greens.


Because Chris considers all meals without gravy inferior and really has a sauce and...... I created a light onion gravy.

The Star!



Of course no food is really great without wine so we had Navarro Pinot Blanc to sip on and the appetizer then Navarro Rose of Pinot Noir. Incredible! For dessert a Colorado wine Stone Cottage , a sweet delicate dessert wine. Then Chris decided we needed to share the Paso Porto we had saved for many years with good friends. So six bottles was quite a record. My memory is fuzzy of all the details but there was a session of photographing the planets on the deck and even the kitchen was cleaned up.

So quite a memorable Memorial weekend.



  1. I LOVE those lemon bars!! The mail man must have lost my invite to your dinner.....LOL


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