This weekend we went to Austin for the V8 Australian car races.  An easy trip, so we thought.  I drove my Beetle and Chris the RV.  He had a tire blow out after 20 miles, my iPad cratered just when I needed it and Chris had not fully set up his mobile.  great start.  I went to the Apple store over at a fancy mall on Saturday they reset it.   Pity there is no way to know that from the basic manual!  Chris of course was wild about the race and the Circuit of the Americas track, chatting to all the visiting Aussies.  Me, I was not happy with the lack of shade.  Mind you, for $1,000 and up you can sit in the air conditioned stands.   And it was HOT, very hot in the 90s  (32.22C).  I thought the "public" area was total tack.  Not a canopy anywhere.  They are so penny pinching they made Chris throw away the sandwich I made him!  eventually I found that in the concert arena there was a canopy for the sound equipment and the huddled masses were chilling out there.
Glad to be home. 

For me the best part was dinner Saturday night with friends Kate and Dennis at the Dominion  a very trendy mall in north Austin, pronounced "too Dallas" by locals.  I thought of it as Peking west!  It was not covered just lots of streets and there were apartments over the shops like a true small town.  Happily this was where apple was located so i dropped Chris at the track and headed to civilization.  So today I am making some pages in my travel journal.  This is the opening page of the trip.

and here we have the second and third pages.  I had a photo of the winner all set to be glued in and had to run over with my car for an oil change.  This gave tripper the opportunity to mess around on the desk top.  Photo is gone!

 here is fashion from the race track!!
 he said the hat was worth every penny, one of the huddled masses!

If you look closely the scarf is attached to the hat with paper clips!

And here we have the true fashionista!!! I have ordered a hat that will surely place me in the foreign legion!

So onward with Wednesday wanderings to everyone's desk and I think we are close to the ATC week.  thanks Julie.


  1. Nothing worse than being somewhere hot with no shade!! ugh! have you found the photo yet? wonder what Tripper did with it.

  2. HAhaaa... that orange hat would definitely work in the Netherlands! I hope you find the missing photo, I love how the pages of that journal look! Happy woyww & hugs from Holland, Marit #109

  3. ROTFLOL!! You could work the road crew in California in that orange hat!! Great cover for your travel journal!!
    Krisha #50

  4. I love your sense of humor. What great hats!

  5. Tripperrrrrrr!!! Where's that picture??!!

    Doesn't sound like the true fans of the Australian car races were treated very well :( No shade provided and how mean to make Chris throw away his sandwich (so he would have to BUY food, I assume?).

    Cool hats!


  6. Hi Monica
    what a shame your time away was not as you had hoped you would have put so much effort in and not been rewarded for it.
    I love the book you are doing I look forward to seeing that as it grows
    Sending hugs and hoping you have a great day
    Ria #74

  7. Your travel journal looks great. I recently got the bug to make these journals...of course, I haven't made one yet. My first will be from a Nashville trip I took a few years ago. I'm looking forward to it. :-) Brigita #113

  8. I enjoyed seeing the travel journal better than reading about that race. I've been places where they made you buy their food and drink, too. It would not have been good to have to buy water every time you needed a drink in that heat. I felt sorry for you having to endure the suffering of the weekend.

    BTW, in answer to your comment on my craft mat, what actually happened was, it was stuck to the back of a 12 X 12 sheet of card stock that I took to the guillotine cutter. I wondered why the card stock was so hard to cut. I didn't notice until after I had cut through the craft mat. Boy I was upset with myself, because I waited and saved my pennies a LONG time to get that mat. Of course, the guillotine cutter made a very straight cut, albeit at an angle (grin).

  9. Loving the travel journal, shame the photo went missing... if its anything like me, it will turn up when you decide to use something else! LOL Would love to swap an ATC with you, can't find your email addy on your blog, so if you email me at: voodoo.vixen@btinternet.com we can exchange addresses. Annette #23

  10. wow you had an Australian race in Austin? Looks like a fun day
    Bridget #11

  11. Throw away the sandwich you had made for your husband????? What a cheek!What would have happened if that had been maade of special ingredients because of dietary or allergy needs??!! But I have to say - I just love the fashion statements - especially the latest in metal work! Hope this next week has a better taste in the mouth for you. Thanks for dropping by and for your comments - yes, I'll try next to sort out the font size....
    Margaret #153

  12. LOve your sense of humor =). Your travel journal looks great!
    Thank you for stopping by my desk and leaving a comment.

  13. Love the look of your journal. Don't like the sound of the heat :-) me and hot don't mix very well. Sorry for late visit. Anne x #73

  14. Monica you make me laugh, and i actually love the orange hat...


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