Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Another Wednesday is about to swing into orbit, another chance to find awe and inspiration from many talented women (& a couple of males)around the world courtesy of Mrs Dunnit .  Check it out; if you would like to join in and see what's on the desks of arts and crafts folks.

My desk today Tuesday June 25.  trying to work on my journal every day.  Most journals are for expressing feeling and they usually seem to be of angst, uncertainty and regrets.  I am at that age when those topics have been resolved or maybe accepted.  So writing is always hard.  I have opted to think of them as daily visual snippets.  on the right is my latest completed tag.

Today, is Tuesday afternoon and I managed to complete a tag  for the birthday of the Zumba teacher.  The idea came slowly and  several layouts where attempted before an idea was formed and the task completed.  Stashed away in drawers  are tons of tags used to practice backgrounds where  the next step is not completed and where I find a lack of inspiration when it is needed.  I do find that once i start on something ideas pop up and excitement sets in.  Everyday life then seems to banish these ideas. In  June Papertrey will offer a card making class, since I love taking classes on line this is a good opportunity to build up a stash and a springboard for ideas.  Hopefully the card class will be a source of inspiration and when I look back will  revitalize all the ideas buzzing around during the class.  There used to be a shop in San Antonio that sold stamps and card supplies with all kinds of sample and it would fire me up just browsing.  That source of wonder and inspiration is long gone, so classes have to fill in.  The internet is helpful and I should use Pinterest but I have not truly mastered that medium.

This week saw some other things made First is Tripper's Fathers Day Tag, It refuses to come out the right way round.  I had fried using the foil i bougt but did not like how the embossed pane looked and die cut it into gears.  It needed mounting on chipboard.  The envelope was the part I made using a marther Stewart envelop maker I bought for scoring.  

last weekend was Chris's birthday celebrated at a restaurant with a great view and OK food.  By OK I mean food just like you make at home.  good but not the sort you drool at in food magazines or made by TV chefs.  

The view was spectacular and faced west where the sun was making its blazing descent so photos not possible.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Here I am again and thanks to all the SIM card problems I had to reset Blogsy. All this techie stuff makes me nervous as I am never quite sure what is going on as the instructions are not quite like my screen.
Here is my work table, what fun I had today and yesterday trying to make a couple of cards, work in my journal and die cutting. I will tidy it up tomorrow after my work out class as I have a doctors appointment and in the evening, Book club and do not want ink in my nails for either of those. So a good time to tidy up
I tried to figure out how to use my new die from Papertrey then stamp it
The wheels go round!  I realized that the stamp was not perfect and cut upper part on colored paper and stamp in a sightly darker shade of blue.
In today's mail I received two ATCs from Sandra in Australia. They were in a small pocket made from sheet music and they are gorgeous. My photo is not doing them justice. Thanks Sandra.

Posting this Tuesday evening. So I can visit everyone tomorrow on WOYWW coming to you all thanks to Julia at Stamping Ground.

have a Good week of Crafting

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

WOYWW 210 The work of a woman obsessed

Recovering from our trip to Arlington Scrapbook Convention and Texas Motor Speedway.  Trying to find a home for my new buys and unable to resist the lure of the wonderful Dylusions Journal I bought.

First my ATC swaps received from, Kim Young, on upper left, Ria Gall"s on the right, on the lower row from Krisha, this is us in RV! and this ATC will go in the RV.  I think they are fabulous and so great.  Thank you everyone.

Krisha sent the ATC in the card.  Now is that a fun and guaranteed to make you smile!

And on my workspace today My first spread in my Dylusions journal.  The box behind is what I used to spray and avoid spray everywhere, well it is on me.  Body art.

Here is some of my loot.  I thought everything was very expensive no show specials

Work-space Monday night.  I tried to buy things I can never find in stores like rub-ons and that small tattered floral die as well as clear embossing  powder and Perfect pearls spray Biscotti.

Busy day of creativity here is my journal of Doings. I added the trip.  At the convention I was given a demo on Fold Cut and Connect  and was given  the cuts which involved folding.  That flower opens to a wreath and the bird cage is 3D.  In the pocket, left, is the negative space folded so I can repeat this

I rented a car and the RV was parked at the TMS.  Chris went to all the practices while i was at the show and we went Friday and Sat to the night races.  
 Blogger never gets photos in order so here is another spread at the show.
  I paid for 2 classes and was late for the book binding .  it turned out to be very elementary, a pamphlet style book, that I will not make but use the kit for something else.  the other class on Washi tape was not me: a scrapbook page and little decorations to make out of Washi tape for your cup cakes and and put on band aids. 

 So there we are .  
Last Wednesday i had no time to visit you blogs, see detail in the previous post about crashing iPad and and other high jinx of life in an RV.  And I never even mentioned the race where we sat among some real crazies and a woman removed her leg.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Home and trying to find my GROOVE

The Sew Create Craft Show (formerly the Great American Scrapbook Show) was a blast once I discovered Tim Holtz was demoing for Stampers Anonymous.  Along with Mario who is like a perfect executive assistant, it was demo all the time except for a lunch break.  I learnt a lot and bought the products I can never find in the stores.  Then on Friday disaster my iPad crashed dumping me on a freeway  construction site, I was using the map app to get me from the convention center to Central Market, happily I navigated my self onto the frontage road and found my way to the store.  It is in the yuppy suburb of Southlake and a CM, employee showed me how to reach Apple Store in the very trendy Mall.  it really is not a Mall, but one of those planned town centers with tree lined street, side-walk cafes and horrendous teenagers trying to be cool as they spend daddy's money.  Apple fixed it but all the stored things were gone like photos on camera roll.  It was the first time I had downloaded photos from camera to iPad and thought I had erased them from the  camera.  Minutes ago I was delighted to see I had not!   

here is Tim Holtz buys showing techniques and inking up

This is Mario who is the perfect Man Friday.

The blue packets are Artists Cellar stencils at the gelli plate Booth.  Every time i went to this vendor they were busy demonstrating how to use the stencils 
   Wendy Vecchi, a very hard working artists who showed me how to use embossing paste.  So i bought some.
 Everyone at the show was very helpful.  Many of the show vendors were selling  paper for Scrapbookers.  Sizzix showed a great new way to make paper flowers using a stylus, specially designed. Missed thmy first class but they gave me the kit and the Washi class was not my thing.  The sewing part look sort of old fashioned and drab.  Martha Pullen was the organizer.  it is probably my bias, as the Houston Quilt Show is vibrant  and so innovative. 

We were staying at the Texas Motor Speedway that is off I 35W.  It is like a Temple to the Gods of Speed.  It was so different than Austin, where the stands are built with don't give a dam attitude for you lot who don't buy a lifetime seats in the air conditioned stands for $15,000 and so are chintzy, lacking shade and there are NO permanent potties just Porta Pots and the beer, water and food is OVER priced.  The TMS in contrast is grand with a domineering presence and so laid back that they allowed you to take in a cooler and any food or drink you wanted.  the Indie Car race was spectacular as the track is 2 mile and perfect to watch cars at 220 mph. 

 We arrived home about 3 pm yesterday after a storm rolled into the camp site at the Texas Motor Speedway at 5 am and  lasted 4 hours.  We found a route that went west of the storm and my weather app predicted severe weather in Kerrville at 6 pm.  Chris teased me about that until 5.05 pm when the weather changed in an instant and a storm blasted out power in the neighborhood.  

So now sorting out, tidying up and trying to find time to create!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WOYWW 209 on the road


My worksapce today is the RV as we head north to Arlington , at town between Fort Worth and Dallas. It realy is one long strip of cities, a huge metroplex. We started in bright sunny cloud free skies and now clouds movinf In and boomers tonight. I am beading as it is easier than any paper craft when traveling .
For the next two days I will attend a craft show at Arlington Convention Center, then join Chris at the speedway.