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The Sew Create Craft Show (formerly the Great American Scrapbook Show) was a blast once I discovered Tim Holtz was demoing for Stampers Anonymous.  Along with Mario who is like a perfect executive assistant, it was demo all the time except for a lunch break.  I learnt a lot and bought the products I can never find in the stores.  Then on Friday disaster my iPad crashed dumping me on a freeway  construction site, I was using the map app to get me from the convention center to Central Market, happily I navigated my self onto the frontage road and found my way to the store.  It is in the yuppy suburb of Southlake and a CM, employee showed me how to reach Apple Store in the very trendy Mall.  it really is not a Mall, but one of those planned town centers with tree lined street, side-walk cafes and horrendous teenagers trying to be cool as they spend daddy's money.  Apple fixed it but all the stored things were gone like photos on camera roll.  It was the first time I had downloaded photos from camera to iPad and thought I had erased them from the  camera.  Minutes ago I was delighted to see I had not!   

here is Tim Holtz buys showing techniques and inking up

This is Mario who is the perfect Man Friday.

The blue packets are Artists Cellar stencils at the gelli plate Booth.  Every time i went to this vendor they were busy demonstrating how to use the stencils 
   Wendy Vecchi, a very hard working artists who showed me how to use embossing paste.  So i bought some.
 Everyone at the show was very helpful.  Many of the show vendors were selling  paper for Scrapbookers.  Sizzix showed a great new way to make paper flowers using a stylus, specially designed. Missed thmy first class but they gave me the kit and the Washi class was not my thing.  The sewing part look sort of old fashioned and drab.  Martha Pullen was the organizer.  it is probably my bias, as the Houston Quilt Show is vibrant  and so innovative. 

We were staying at the Texas Motor Speedway that is off I 35W.  It is like a Temple to the Gods of Speed.  It was so different than Austin, where the stands are built with don't give a dam attitude for you lot who don't buy a lifetime seats in the air conditioned stands for $15,000 and so are chintzy, lacking shade and there are NO permanent potties just Porta Pots and the beer, water and food is OVER priced.  The TMS in contrast is grand with a domineering presence and so laid back that they allowed you to take in a cooler and any food or drink you wanted.  the Indie Car race was spectacular as the track is 2 mile and perfect to watch cars at 220 mph. 

 We arrived home about 3 pm yesterday after a storm rolled into the camp site at the Texas Motor Speedway at 5 am and  lasted 4 hours.  We found a route that went west of the storm and my weather app predicted severe weather in Kerrville at 6 pm.  Chris teased me about that until 5.05 pm when the weather changed in an instant and a storm blasted out power in the neighborhood.  

So now sorting out, tidying up and trying to find time to create!


  1. Look at all those Artist Cellar stencils!! Glad you had a good time and weren't lost for too long!!

  2. sounds like you had a great trip, except for the boomer that rolled in. Do show us what you bought (I'm so green with envy)


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