Another Wednesday is about to swing into orbit, another chance to find awe and inspiration from many talented women (& a couple of males)around the world courtesy of Mrs Dunnit .  Check it out; if you would like to join in and see what's on the desks of arts and crafts folks.

My desk today Tuesday June 25.  trying to work on my journal every day.  Most journals are for expressing feeling and they usually seem to be of angst, uncertainty and regrets.  I am at that age when those topics have been resolved or maybe accepted.  So writing is always hard.  I have opted to think of them as daily visual snippets.  on the right is my latest completed tag.

Today, is Tuesday afternoon and I managed to complete a tag  for the birthday of the Zumba teacher.  The idea came slowly and  several layouts where attempted before an idea was formed and the task completed.  Stashed away in drawers  are tons of tags used to practice backgrounds where  the next step is not completed and where I find a lack of inspiration when it is needed.  I do find that once i start on something ideas pop up and excitement sets in.  Everyday life then seems to banish these ideas. In  June Papertrey will offer a card making class, since I love taking classes on line this is a good opportunity to build up a stash and a springboard for ideas.  Hopefully the card class will be a source of inspiration and when I look back will  revitalize all the ideas buzzing around during the class.  There used to be a shop in San Antonio that sold stamps and card supplies with all kinds of sample and it would fire me up just browsing.  That source of wonder and inspiration is long gone, so classes have to fill in.  The internet is helpful and I should use Pinterest but I have not truly mastered that medium.

This week saw some other things made First is Tripper's Fathers Day Tag, It refuses to come out the right way round.  I had fried using the foil i bougt but did not like how the embossed pane looked and die cut it into gears.  It needed mounting on chipboard.  The envelope was the part I made using a marther Stewart envelop maker I bought for scoring.  

last weekend was Chris's birthday celebrated at a restaurant with a great view and OK food.  By OK I mean food just like you make at home.  good but not the sort you drool at in food magazines or made by TV chefs.  

The view was spectacular and faced west where the sun was making its blazing descent so photos not possible.


  1. Love ther bright colours in your journal.Nice pic of you and hubby.You sound like you'd be fun to have dinner with, or a chat and a good laugh!

  2. I totally relate to how journalling can be a tricky when life is kinda sorted and there are few choices to be made, beyond what I'm going to be cooking for the evening meal. Daily observations is a great idea and I love the vibrancy of your pages.

    Belated Happy birthday wishes to Chris - good food, great company and a beautiful setting sun sounds just perfect :)


  3. Hi Monica, that is a beautiful art journal spread and I love the warm colours you've used. Art journalers might be particularly interested in my WOYWW post today ;)
    Zoe @ Top Floor Treasures, #100

  4. Hi Monica,
    Like where your journal is going, and all the colors.
    I am at the same stage in life as to topics being resolved. IF I write in my journal it is ususally about what's happenning that day or why I chose to do what I did. Usually I DON'T write in them, just do my artsy thing and go on.
    Sometimes OK food is better than having to cook...LOL
    Krisha #12

  5. Great tags and labels! I am a newcomer to WOYWW, and it appears one of only a few males - trailblazing they used to call it! Anyway keep up the good work, John W #105

  6. love the orange page its so bright and cheery

  7. I absolutely love the colours on that journal spread of yours! Happy WOYWW! Ema No.130

  8. I love those bright colours on your desk today and that journal page is looking great! Hate it when food is only ok - at least you had a nice view, Chris117

  9. I love your journal and how you write in it, that sounds a perfect thing to do.
    Your meal looks great, sometimes just plain good is what you need.
    Thanks for visiting already.
    Hugs Lisax #76

  10. I think a journal of snippets of every day life is the perfect way to go... I would love such a thing of my Grandmother's, so think future generations and go with the flow! LOL I actually like normal food when I go to restaurants, the joy is not having to shop for it, cook it, or clean it up and you both look like you are having a lovely time. Annette #6

  11. Orange! I love it, and I know my daughter would go nuts for it. :) And journaling is hard! I avoid it, which is bad.
    Jean 7

  12. Love the orange and black on your journal page. Great tag too. Thanks for visiting my desk already BJ#46

  13. Great journal pages and a great tag too.
    Love the picture from the restaurant - looks as if it was really enjoyable.
    Sorry I am so late, dare I say it, cleaning got in the way - and thanks for visiting me yesterday. Hugs, Neet 13 xx

  14. Hi Monica,
    I was just idling around my blog, thinking about what to add to the feline page. It's about a year since you left a comment about losing your Spunky cat. I think anniversaries are good to notice. They prompt memories and help to appreciate how much missing a little mate settles for the most part.
    Here's to Spunky.

  15. PS Love the journal pages, and the birthday dinner looks very relaxed. Ros.

  16. ah so true about inspiration, Monica!

    ...the start is the key sometimes have an idea and sometimes none, just a leaping off point and take it from there... like today's card ..but oh the journey is fun!

    I love the journal page very cheery and tag looked good in end so that's all that matters :D glad you had happy meal together with Chris, Shaz in Oz.x #16


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