Tuesday, July 30, 2013


We are en route to California and a wine tasting. Tonight we are in Williams AZ, nice cool evening after a hot LONG day. Tomorrow we cross the Mohave Desert and on to Bakersfield where I hope to meet Krisha.

Here is my desk tonight it has been my knee. Tomorrow I start my August Calendar my first stab at the Calendar Challenge. My stash book is full of boring entries. Now happily I picked up some junk, tourist stuff to tear and paste.

My goal for today was to baed. Guess what. I forgot the thread. Ideas swarm in my head. It is so long since i beaded I forget the name of the thread. WalMart has it in the fishing department. In the meantime I read the White Queen by Phillippa Gregory. Love historical dramas with strong women. The White Queen made some dumb choices with horrendous results. Most of us do not have those ups and downs.

I also discovered that writing on the road on an iPad is a death defying task. One bump and strange words appear. So the on the road record is now confined to nighttime.

That is it folks tired and a little light headed after a loved dinner at the Red Raven in Williams AZ. Found a nice RV camp but this are is RAILRoad territory as the Grand Canyon Trains leaves from here at 5am hoop in' an hollerin at 5 am that should require 10 cups of coffee to get me going.




We are on the road to California and tastings of the noble vine. It is the summer road as we go first to Mayhill a village on the eastern slopes of Cloudcroft, a peak in New Mexico. It is high enough to drop the temperature and have snow in winter. Now we are crossing the arid flat lands heading to Pecos, Carlsbad and artesian. Pecos is famous for Judge Roy Bean and sundry rascals of the wild Wild West.

Now on to Artesia NM and we see the clouds hovering over cloudcroft. This year NM is very green. They grow nuts here. Pecans, pistachios and almonds. We arrived Mayhill at 4.30 in81. Degrees here at 6,000 ft. The RV park silvery pretty. Most people spend the summer here and are from Dallas. They sit around in groups from dusk to dawn as if waiting for the last train.

Temperature dropped last night to58 we had to put electric blanket on. Must make sure to wear bed socks. Boobs are not the only things that drop with age so do high arches and hence the need for bed socks.

No signal here will try to post later


Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Quite a week where nothing seemed to go to plan. Here we are at the day we peak around crafters desk's to see what they are doing. Just head over to Julia and see how it all works. This week I continued to try working on cards and feel I can make a few for things like thank you, notes and other things not birthday cards as I like to buy funnies.

Here is my desk. I decided to do the Kate Crane calendar challenge, splashing this out quickly, it is not very good but, and a big but it is, it will stimulate me to action. I will resume her DVD on return from our trip to California. There is much stress associated with this journey as Tripper has to go into cat boarding. Boarding sounds like some kind of early 20 th. century ominous living arrangement. It is in Junction TX and today visited it just for reassurance. My friend Kay heard about it from her parents. It is clean and seems kindly and caring. Important as Tripper now gets daily transdermal medication. The great news today from the vet is, it is working and his thyroid is back to normal levels. So I wanted a place I felt would keep this up and give him some TLC . Kay suggested we visit so we went today. So I feel better about that.

Two more cards from the class. Ido not have all the stamps they use so I have to rely on some alternative ways of doing them. Rather than use alphabet stamps, as I do not have enough, I printed this on the computer, it was a long process using Print Master. I changed it up a little and followed their layout.


This one was based on a stamped card from the class, I used paper, the brown is Japanese paper and the stripes are Washi tape. Quite like it. I am learning many things about stamping, die cutting and card making techniques, least of all that you need a gazillion stamps. I must have missed out a whole card sending decade or two as they do seem to have a lot of mushy sentiments for friends. Either that or a lot of time and need to tell their mate or partner how much they care for him/ her. I have also found out how much I enjoy stamping, not the itty bitty card making way , more the Revealry way, I call it the slap dash and tickle method.

This week the temp will be very high, in the 99F range and so tiring. It is going to last a week. No wonder acrylic paint dries out despite extender. Next week will be from the RV. Hopefully a little cooler as we head to Northern Californian wine area.

Better head to the kitchen and see what is for dinner. Last night I made pizza to cook on the grill as we had guests from Missouri. Having dinner guests on aMonday throws my sense of "day" off balances we normally never go out Sunday let alone have guests to dinner Monday. Confusing so writing and posting this early Tuesday to try and ground me. Have a great week and see y' all on the road to the west.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

WOYWW 215. Card making is not for me

This is week 2 of the card making class with Jennifer MdGuire. The hardest part is thinking how to use the idea with the stuff you have, hunting it down and substituting what you find. It is too precise for me and I am not used to all the cleaning up so that I do not have ink every where as well as powder from embellishing, although I do like this. So here is my desk

The three standing I like as I managed to get hold of me, give me a quick shake or two and say forget copying them think it through. The flat colored one to the right is an absolute "fismal dailure" . My dads way of not using the word failure so it would also not make you feel bad. I thought it would be a breeze. But all is not lost, ideas abound. I do like the bird one but the embellishments, 2 buttons make it look like he is dumping!!! I signed up for this class as Maile Belles  is a guest designer and love her simple style.
Apparently I have a genetic trait that exclude simple and classy.

This is the card I made today that my DH mailed to his sister: all she will think about is HE sent it. It is also a fine example of poor lighting and hurried photo taking as he wanted to mail it. To the right are my Dyan stencils they arrived today. They are much bigger than expected. Time to return to my Kate Crane DVD.

Tripper reluctantly visited the vet today the good news is he has gained 6 lbs. hurrah!
 Chez Nous received a clean out of the laundry room and new appliances after the room was painted. I had to try the  machines out and the washer washes and the dryer dries. No laundress included.  I have yet to try the steam function.  Amazing how much junk accumulates on high shelves.  Ah the plague of we shorties.

Have a good week and visit everyone try Stampin Ground for all the info on how to check in with crafters around the world
Bye for now

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

WOYWW 214 you meet great people here

hello everyone.  great day and Julie posted early  so now to travel around the world visiting desk andgetting inspiration .  Don't get it ? well visit Julie and see what it is all about.

In my visits to global desks strung here and there I visited the desk of Kate Crane and on one visit went and check some short video about her DVD's Immediately wanted the DVD and plunged in buying both sets. They arrived in record time so i set to work watching them and working on pages using her techniques. So this is what's on my desk, backgrounds for journals.
I loved how she introduced the color circle and made it work for her.  in fact I was so smitten I attempted to wok along with her as it is in real time.It was not very successful as I had paint everywhere and as I am not used to acrylics I mean everywhere.

I stuck to her color palette a little just to reference my self for learning.  What fun and so much information.  What I do like is that after many other courses here there and everywhere I understood layering.  

Now with set 1 watched I am ready to try journaling.  I have always been put off my journaling as it is so full of angst.  I think women from 25 to 50 have so many questions about there sense of self and there decisions that thethat is what they write about in journals.  it's not like it is cathartic some keep on writing about it.  other adopt secret ways to hide what they have written believing the world is desperate to hear they got mad at their kid and they will be judge by the world.  Sorry folks, they are not.  So her journaling was very refreshing and frank.  She was more intense in the second set but you never got that sense of "here we go again, am I Loved" .  So all in all I highly recommend her DVDs and also plan to do her calendar pages.  I must me sounding like a groupie.  Even more fun would be to make this journal with a group.  

Today was the 21st Birthday of Billy, our Zumba teacher.  This you guy has lost 70 pounds on weight watchers and has many to go but he move like a cross between a ballerina and  a belly dancer and is so sweet.  They through a surprise party for him and it was fun
Need to head to bed.  tomorrow i will drop by y'all!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

for card class

An attempt to make a simple card and to see if i can post on the class site.  I sure could not get the widget thing on my blog so here goes

This is Day 2

it requires a lot more work

Day 1  i used paint chips

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

WOYWW 213 A Late Start

Had everything ready to start writing this on Tuesday and wham! too tired.  Just read Julie's post and decided to get cracking!!!  

My computer desk, a tag to try out Rock Candy Crackle Paint as per TH on the Ranger site.  

It was over 100 F on Friday and Saturday.  My DH played golf, teeing off at 2.30 and 1.30 respectively,for 5 hours each day, He only managed 3 hours on Sunday when is was cooler and humid!.  very stubborn so here is the page in my journal. he has now recovered and off there today and it is a lot cooler  Mad Dogs and Englishmen.

I want to make a series of cards in general themes so that I have them on hand.  This was the first try.

The desk looking west, with journasl scattered around,  the big one in the background is Doings, then the Dylusions journal that I will use when I get Kate's DVD and my swatches journal.

 Another close up view looking towards my computer desk also covered in "stuff"

i made this spread yesterday called "the view from a short person".  I was looking for something and found all these legs was reminded of meeting someone in 5 inch heels who appeared to be all legs!

This was finished this week and relates to locking the keys in the trunk (boot) of my car and not finding a lock smith who could open it until VW road service stepped in and told us who could.  

So there you see it my week.

have a good one and if you want to see what crafter's desks and lives reveal visit Mrs Dunnit  who thought up this wild idea.  

have a great week.  we plan to celebrate the 4th very quietly.  I maybe cooking chicken for Tripper as he eats it.  Probably throws it up but i have yet to find it.