We are on the road to California and tastings of the noble vine. It is the summer road as we go first to Mayhill a village on the eastern slopes of Cloudcroft, a peak in New Mexico. It is high enough to drop the temperature and have snow in winter. Now we are crossing the arid flat lands heading to Pecos, Carlsbad and artesian. Pecos is famous for Judge Roy Bean and sundry rascals of the wild Wild West.

Now on to Artesia NM and we see the clouds hovering over cloudcroft. This year NM is very green. They grow nuts here. Pecans, pistachios and almonds. We arrived Mayhill at 4.30 in81. Degrees here at 6,000 ft. The RV park silvery pretty. Most people spend the summer here and are from Dallas. They sit around in groups from dusk to dawn as if waiting for the last train.

Temperature dropped last night to58 we had to put electric blanket on. Must make sure to wear bed socks. Boobs are not the only things that drop with age so do high arches and hence the need for bed socks.

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  1. Your posts are always so entertaining, and this is no exception!

    Have lots of fun.



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