WOYWW 214 you meet great people here

hello everyone.  great day and Julie posted early  so now to travel around the world visiting desk andgetting inspiration .  Don't get it ? well visit Julie and see what it is all about.

In my visits to global desks strung here and there I visited the desk of Kate Crane and on one visit went and check some short video about her DVD's Immediately wanted the DVD and plunged in buying both sets. They arrived in record time so i set to work watching them and working on pages using her techniques. So this is what's on my desk, backgrounds for journals.
I loved how she introduced the color circle and made it work for her.  in fact I was so smitten I attempted to wok along with her as it is in real time.It was not very successful as I had paint everywhere and as I am not used to acrylics I mean everywhere.

I stuck to her color palette a little just to reference my self for learning.  What fun and so much information.  What I do like is that after many other courses here there and everywhere I understood layering.  

Now with set 1 watched I am ready to try journaling.  I have always been put off my journaling as it is so full of angst.  I think women from 25 to 50 have so many questions about there sense of self and there decisions that thethat is what they write about in journals.  it's not like it is cathartic some keep on writing about it.  other adopt secret ways to hide what they have written believing the world is desperate to hear they got mad at their kid and they will be judge by the world.  Sorry folks, they are not.  So her journaling was very refreshing and frank.  She was more intense in the second set but you never got that sense of "here we go again, am I Loved" .  So all in all I highly recommend her DVDs and also plan to do her calendar pages.  I must me sounding like a groupie.  Even more fun would be to make this journal with a group.  

Today was the 21st Birthday of Billy, our Zumba teacher.  This you guy has lost 70 pounds on weight watchers and has many to go but he move like a cross between a ballerina and  a belly dancer and is so sweet.  They through a surprise party for him and it was fun
Need to head to bed.  tomorrow i will drop by y'all!


  1. Thanks for the stop-by earlier. Do share the link to this dazzling person. I'm very interested in those DVDs too, not that YOUR journal pages aren't just too gorgeous, but I need a follow along too....LOL
    Krisha #5

  2. Glad you liked Kate's DVDs. I'd love to get them, but then I'd have to buy the stencils, the colored pens, the journal, etc. I'll stick with what I have for now.

    But I DO like what you said about angst. That is one big reason I've never cared for journaling. It's also what turned me off to the book "True Colors," which is supposed to be a groundbreaking book on mixed media. When I read it, I felt I was reading about women baring their souls for all the world to see and read.

    I hope your friend Billy has a great birthday party. thanks for dropping by my place earlier. Happy WOYWW from #2.

  3. Love your Journals and your Desk
    Happy WOYWW

  4. I have never tried scrapbooking or journaling and never succeeded in keeping a diary - apart from the keeping appointments type. I have never felt comfortable about baring my soul, especially in public and in print. Hope yours goes well, I am sure it will. Thank you for your visit today, and I do have a magic button to wake me up to link in - two thoroughly unsettled dogs, who wake and shout at anyone in the vague vicinity of the house. Have a great week. xx Maggie #10

  5. Your journals look great.. I don't do the angst bit in mine, just the art bit, it's much more fun! Have a great week. Helen 17

  6. wow! you have been inspired - these look great! have lots of fun with your journalling!!
    happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    no. 31

  7. Your pages are very good indeed, as for journalling on them, well good luck. That's something I just cannot get into.
    Happy woyww

  8. Hi there.
    Just popping my head around the door to say hi as I haven't been around for a while.
    Hope you have a great week.
    Neil #39

  9. Paint is a dirty word, lol, you cant help but get it on everything no matter how hard you try
    Bridget #1

  10. Making a note of Kate, as adore your backgrounds they are fab, love to have a go at those. LOL @ your description of journal stuff, that made lots of sense to me too.

    Lynda #82

  11. Hi Monica, I did the same and had to buy Kate's DVD's and what a treat including her accent. Love how your pages turned out. I dabbled with aj's planning on writing words of wisdom and literally came up with nothing! Complete blank mind with nothing worth saying or worth putting on paper! Now I just add some quotes or words of scripture and what a relief. Enjoy yourself.
    Sandra de @84

  12. Those journal pages look great
    Some nice colour choices there good luck with your journalling Jackie 15

  13. Well we've definitely got rain to spare at the moment, so you're welcome to some! Like the journal pages, great colours, Kate Crane is a very popular artist in the UK. Nice to hear of her becoming international!

    Brenda 3

  14. Super pages - you seem to have got to grips with the acrylics. I haven't yet! Think I prefer inks really. Thanks for visiting me already BJ#36

  15. Beautiful pages, Monica--and you are so right, you DO meet great people here!

    (And sometimes the line-up does change a bit, that's a normal woyww occurrence!)

    Thank you for visiting me this WOYWW, I appreciate your comment!

    delighted to be #26 this week, instead of my usual 200--something!

  16. Your pages are very colorful and interesting to look at. It sounds like you were really inspired by your DVD teacher. Hope you're having a good week! Happy WOYWW from Laura #98

  17. I love your enthusiasm and will have to spend some time looking at your Kate as I have never understood layering which is probably why all my inky stuff looks like mud!! Annette #7

  18. Keep up the practing with the acrylics! you will love them after awhile. You can layer them without worry of them mixing with other colors after they dry. Your beginning journey into journaling looks great!! Nothing like a great teacher to inspire.

  19. Hey Monica, here is the blog site for the JOFY stamps
    When ya heading to CA?


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