Quite a week where nothing seemed to go to plan. Here we are at the day we peak around crafters desk's to see what they are doing. Just head over to Julia and see how it all works. This week I continued to try working on cards and feel I can make a few for things like thank you, notes and other things not birthday cards as I like to buy funnies.

Here is my desk. I decided to do the Kate Crane calendar challenge, splashing this out quickly, it is not very good but, and a big but it is, it will stimulate me to action. I will resume her DVD on return from our trip to California. There is much stress associated with this journey as Tripper has to go into cat boarding. Boarding sounds like some kind of early 20 th. century ominous living arrangement. It is in Junction TX and today visited it just for reassurance. My friend Kay heard about it from her parents. It is clean and seems kindly and caring. Important as Tripper now gets daily transdermal medication. The great news today from the vet is, it is working and his thyroid is back to normal levels. So I wanted a place I felt would keep this up and give him some TLC . Kay suggested we visit so we went today. So I feel better about that.

Two more cards from the class. Ido not have all the stamps they use so I have to rely on some alternative ways of doing them. Rather than use alphabet stamps, as I do not have enough, I printed this on the computer, it was a long process using Print Master. I changed it up a little and followed their layout.


This one was based on a stamped card from the class, I used paper, the brown is Japanese paper and the stripes are Washi tape. Quite like it. I am learning many things about stamping, die cutting and card making techniques, least of all that you need a gazillion stamps. I must have missed out a whole card sending decade or two as they do seem to have a lot of mushy sentiments for friends. Either that or a lot of time and need to tell their mate or partner how much they care for him/ her. I have also found out how much I enjoy stamping, not the itty bitty card making way , more the Revealry way, I call it the slap dash and tickle method.

This week the temp will be very high, in the 99F range and so tiring. It is going to last a week. No wonder acrylic paint dries out despite extender. Next week will be from the RV. Hopefully a little cooler as we head to Northern Californian wine area.

Better head to the kitchen and see what is for dinner. Last night I made pizza to cook on the grill as we had guests from Missouri. Having dinner guests on aMonday throws my sense of "day" off balances we normally never go out Sunday let alone have guests to dinner Monday. Confusing so writing and posting this early Tuesday to try and ground me. Have a great week and see y' all on the road to the west.






  1. Your AJ page look totally cool to me!
    Gabriele 31

  2. hi Monica.love the cards.I would love to get a card with such a lovely message.
    Judy #26

  3. I have ordered up some cooler weather for your visit, but I think it might be on back order...LOL
    LOVE the calendar, I've tried but I can't keep up with them, now stamping cards....well that is just me. Been doing it for AGES.
    I really like the card with the stripes on it.
    Krisha #22 hope to see you next week

  4. I so love your journal page, well calendar challenge... and some awesome cards created too.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 55

  5. The Kate calendar looks great - I just watch it happen on other people's blogs, but maybe one time I'll join in... Hope you have a good week. Helen 7

  6. That is a very interesting calendar. love the cards
    Bridget #24

  7. I understand how apprehensive you are about boarding Tripper, I'm just the same - sounds like you've found a super cattery for him.

    Your cards are great! The problem with rubber stamps is that no matter how many you have, you always 'need' another, one that would be perfect for a particular project!

    I hope your trip to California is fun (enjoying a little wine tasting, perhaps?!).


  8. Ah Monica, I know what you mean - one change to my routine and I'm convinced every day is the wrong day! Your stamp style appeals to me..and your thoughts over some of the sentiments.. I like a lot of them, but surely they are minimal use stamps, and I want to buy a stamp that does a whole lot of jobs!

  9. Hi Monica
    your desk has some great stuff on it for us to look at. your journal looks good to me lovely colours. Loving the cards you made they are fantastic
    Sending a hug for WOYWW and I hope you have a great week

    Ria #45

  10. Sure your cat will be fine, I think we worry far more than them, glad you found somewhere you are happy with.

    Love your cards.

    Lynda #1

  11. Thank you for reminding us we need to make our August calendar page soonest. Your cards are lovely BTW.

    Waving hi from The House of Bears @#90

  12. Loving the sound and look of your Calendar Project and your bright cards are fabulously fun. Happy WOYWW! Danie #74

  13. Slap dash and tickle--I love that! The bottom card is really, really nice. Love the washi tape pattern. Boy you sure do travel plenty. Glad your fur baby is improving.

  14. So glad you managed to get Tripper somewhere good to stay ..... our cat would have a heart attack at the thought of going out of the front door let alone to boarding.....
    Enjoy your trip
    Bishopsmate #76

  15. Beautiful work and I think the calender looks lovely!

    I hope Tripper is ok in cat boarding :)

    Dawn #74

  16. Beautiful work and I think the calender looks lovely!

    Hope Tripper is ok during your trip :)

    Dawn #74

  17. Well done for going and seeing the cat boarding place before you put your little one in their care. Love the cards and great colours.
    Sandra @87

  18. cool way to use some washi tape. love the august journal pages.
    thanks for visiting earlier
    caroline (akilli melek)#39

  19. G'day Monica
    Just popping in for WOYWW. Yes I am late again lol. Sorry i didnt get to return a comment to you for WOYWW a fortnight ago. Too many things were happening at once in my life!. Anyway here I am at your desk at last. I started making cards over 24 yrs ago and you are doing fine. I particularly like the washi tape one and your cards below this post. Don't think about it all too much. When I make cards I often don't even have any idea what I want to make I just sit and play. Enjoy your trip and hope the puss will be fine while you are away:)
    Annette In oz #60


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