We are en route to California and a wine tasting. Tonight we are in Williams AZ, nice cool evening after a hot LONG day. Tomorrow we cross the Mohave Desert and on to Bakersfield where I hope to meet Krisha.

Here is my desk tonight it has been my knee. Tomorrow I start my August Calendar my first stab at the Calendar Challenge. My stash book is full of boring entries. Now happily I picked up some junk, tourist stuff to tear and paste.

My goal for today was to baed. Guess what. I forgot the thread. Ideas swarm in my head. It is so long since i beaded I forget the name of the thread. WalMart has it in the fishing department. In the meantime I read the White Queen by Phillippa Gregory. Love historical dramas with strong women. The White Queen made some dumb choices with horrendous results. Most of us do not have those ups and downs.

I also discovered that writing on the road on an iPad is a death defying task. One bump and strange words appear. So the on the road record is now confined to nighttime.

That is it folks tired and a little light headed after a loved dinner at the Red Raven in Williams AZ. Found a nice RV camp but this are is RAILRoad territory as the Grand Canyon Trains leaves from here at 5am hoop in' an hollerin at 5 am that should require 10 cups of coffee to get me going.




  1. Sounds like your having fun and I can you have to love spell check when it has it's own mind must have been one interesting read for you hugs Nikki
    I'm posted Here

  2. Road Trip?!!! Fantastic!! Love the journal and the White Queen is right up my alley. I'm adding it to my wish list. I think that there's a new TV show coming out about it!



  3. Have fun at your wine tasting! I want to read that book also. It's on my list.

  4. The White Queen is the one that's going to be out in theaters, right? I recently read a book by Phillippa Gregory and loved it - nice mix of historical reference and fictionalized characters. You do so many interesting things that I would think your calendar will be fascinating!

  5. We've been to Willams, AZ just for that Grand Canyon train. Have you ever taken the train while stopping there? Great ride and fun!
    Hope we get to connect on the in coming side of your trip, so looking forward to it.

  6. Sounds great. It is so fun to find those brochures along the way.

  7. I love historical fiction and Phillipa Gregory is great, will have to look out for the white queen. Sounds like you are going to have a great trip. Enjoy your beading.
    Sandra @69

  8. You manage to do so much while on the road. Acting as co-pilot for McSpousky usually takes all my time. I tried journaling on our last trip but after two days gave it up. To much chaos. Have a great trip. Sounds like it is off to a good start

  9. Sounds like you are on a real adventure there and crafting as you go is so impressive. Enjoy your journey. Hugs, Jenny x

  10. Lucky, lucky you. I hope you got to meet Krisha. She's a super mixed media artist.

    I hope you found your thread. After all, there are WalMarts everywhere you look (grin).

    Sorry I'm late getting here. By now you are probably enjoying some wine (and maybe a bit of chocolate with Krisha).

  11. Have fun on your way to California - whereabouts are you going? I know Williams and its trains! Still, so close to the Grand Canyon. It's been quite some time since I was there the last time. Enjoy wine tasting in CA - I live in wine country and love the red wine!! Greetings from Northern CA.

  12. Thankyou for sharing your adventures! How lovely to meet up with Krisha, she seems like a lovely lady. It must be such fun touring around the west coast, sounds dreamy to me n
    Me here in the UK! We've had the White Queen serialised on TV seems a bit glossy

  13. Sorry published before I'd finished! Have a happy WOYWW and enjoy your holiday x toni #86


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