getting back to art journaling

I never thought it would be so hard.  but there it was.  I played through the Kate Crane DVD and the electronic music lulled me into a sleepy nod off state .  This condition was remedied with chocolate.  I decided to add to the backgrounds.

First i want to show the stash of goodies that arrived from Joggles.  My present to me for being forced by time and nature into another birthday.  I wanted the set of Tim Stencils as they are a good size and not too specific and you can hang them together.  Also needed to replenish my Dyan sprays.  I love them.  Fit my messy mind and style so well.  On the trip i played with my Neocolors.  I have only had them about 5 years so they needed a work out.  I loved the water brush I used so bought another wider one, they are perfect for 'art en route'

 Now why this is in landscape is beyond me I rotated i.  If you have a desk top or pad it is not a problem with full computer you will need to levitate. I decided that I have something in common with Teesha Moore, regrettably it is not talent.  She likes to write at a different time than making backgrounds so do I.  So here is a background in need of writing.  It is based on Kate Crane's DVD 1 where she spreads acrylic paint with a credit card.  I was thinking about my feet and the need to see the foot doctor and found these bits in my stash.  For focals I like to use stuff from magazines and catalogs.  

This is another of Kate's background techniques, mine is not quite right.  As I was making it there was a bolt of lightening and roll of thunder and a very brief downpour.  So this is about the rain goddess and her brief visit to our rain less land. 

Tripper has now attempted to sit on the computer 3 times and is miffed that I put him in the hall.  I did feed him in the hopes he would go and sleep.

It is 5pm some where in the world and cocktail hour


  1. A surefire way to put me to sleep is to sit me in front of an art video. What is it about them that makes us drowsy?

  2. Happy Birthday Monica!! I love your rain goddess page. I do better watching a video if they TALK through it, just music makes me sleepy too. I think the idea of a video would be to keep the viewer's attention, not relax them to sleep....LOL
    Hope you have a great birthday!

  3. Ooh, look at those lovely stencils!! I was drooling over them online this week - I thought they were a great size and all very compatible with each other. Have fun using them (and a belated happy birthday!).


  4. So pleased I'm not the only one who gets lulled by the background music!!! Love your journalling here. Sounds like Tripper wants a closer look at what you are saying about him :) Hugs, Jenny x

  5. Your pages look great Monica. Love the red with the image of a foot - stunning! I think you are probably being over-critical of your backgrounds (I think we always are about our own work) - they look great to me.
    As for the music - opinion was divided on this, but in my next DVDs we missed the music off!


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