Since returning from our visit to California, Tripper decided upon returning home that to get my total attention this is the place to be. So on computer desk this is the daily trial.

Over the past 5 days I have worked on completing my smash journal. It is rather utilitarian and I found the blank pages inside it made me want to write like a school kid producing that awful summer essay "what I did on my holidays " ( for the US folks make that vacation). So nothing was written and most was completed in the last few days. it was stressful!
the first page on my scrapbook and my calendar challenge behind it.

I decided to make it in sections where we stayed where we went and so on. On the right the start of the trip in Mayfield NM, the right tag is the Railside in Williams AZ a lovely friendly park; on the right page River Run in Bakersfield, CA, no river but a very pleasant place. Below this the KOA. I wrote a note a note on the left that it was my idea of hell. Rampaging rug rats invading our space, music to later into the night and crap everywhere!!!! When I noted this on another site I was chastised by people with fond memories of their childhoods spent there. It was like a Butlins.

Jumping around a little but this was the entry for the end of the holidays and start of return home .At Morro Dunes, low temperatures and the beach at the door made it a favorite place to stay.it was well managed and filled with families not organized like KOA, just families enjoying the last days of vacation before school started. The beach is spectacular it is in the Central coastal wine district and veggie growing center. on the right the return trip through Bakersfield and on to Williams AZ.

My desk with journal open on the Navarro page, the reason we were in California was their Barrel tasting for the 2014 futures. They throw a fabulous food and wine bash. This year we tasted the goat cheese daughter Sarah produces at her farm.

Between making the smash journal I have done loads of laundry the usual household chores and worked on getting Tripper to eat. tripper was just out in the hall and door shut so i can finish this. Since going to the cat boarding he does not meow. here is my final photo of the desk and all the craft supplies that need to be put away.
Navarro and Boonsville in the Anderson Valley.

Now onto journalling and catching up on my Kate Crane DVD



  1. I bet Tripper was happy you were home!

  2. LOL my cat sits on my arms when I'm typing to get my attention. Your smash book looks like you've had a lot of fun on your vacation :) hugs Nikki 22

  3. Your Smash book looks lovely. We had the same problem of feeling we were writing school essays when we attempted one.

    We love your crafty cat btw, hope he produced something cute!

    The bears @#99

  4. Great travel journal!! I love the energy and movement here. I know exactly what you mean about defaulting to that school-like "what I did on my summer vacation." I have to fight that urge every time I do a travel journal.

  5. Sounds like a fabulous trip and your Smash book is coming along a treat. Happy Wednesday,
    Sue x (MiniOwner@65)

  6. Glad to see your home safe and that you have gotten caught up on your smash book. Looks good! I had forgotten about Morro Dunes camp ground. Poor Tripper, he will get his voice back soon enough. LOL
    Not playing WOYWW this week too much LIFE yesterday and today to play.

  7. Wow that sounds like a fabulous trip and your smash journal looks awesome. I think the cat is so sweet sitting on your keyboard, he realy missed you.
    thanX for your visit earlier.
    Happy WOYWW Hugs Monique #110

  8. What a beautiful book, Monica! Such a lovely idea to do this, and what a wonderful keepsake it will be in years to come. Your kitty looks a bit like our Beatrice, and even more like her in liking to sit on the laptop! I've got loads of screen grabs of Beatrice the Computer Queen's efforts on the computer - she can even do things I have never attempted, like file sharing! She frequently surfs the web (it usually says "Page not found" lol!) and I am terrified of her accessing my Paypal account and taking herself and her sister Phoebe off on expensive holidays to places like Cat-mandoo and the Cat-acombs in Rome, all at my expense... Recently I've discovered how to lock the keyboard which has foiled her temporarily, but she's only to discover my password...

    Thanks for your lovely comment and good wishes for my health. It's certainly a relief to be feeling so much better and so quickly after starting the meds. I love the idea of my ARTHaven being a canvas! What a lovely picture that is. I've deliberately kept the colours bland so that my colourful materials and artwork will have a nice background. I'm spending tomorrow unpacking more stuff into there and I expect I shall be very busy!!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #94

  9. Hi Monica, the lovely Tripper knows just how to get your attention. It sounds as though being away from home is a wee bit traumatising for him ... hope he settles down soon and gets his meow back.

    Your journal is a great record of your holiday - the good and the bad. The mention of Butlins caused a shudder right through me ... we took the family there once and ended by cutting the holiday short, it was utterly appalling, even my teenage children hated it and begged to leave.

    KOA excluded, it sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. Hope you have a good week, and Tripper too. Elizabeth x #47

  10. What a beautiful kitty, and your smash journal is fabulous!

    I usually have a very messy desk, Monica, but it had just gotten too deep!

    Thank you for stopping by this woyww

    @1 this week

  11. Smash book is looking great, well done. poor Tripper, sure he will come around soon after he thinks you have suffered enough.

    Lynda #96

  12. I'm running a bit late, but I can relate to Tripper and what may have been a bad experience at the "cat hotel." Probably equally as bad as the KOA experience you had. Glad you made it home with a few fond memories and a load of stash for your Smash book. Oh, and more than a load of laundry too, I bet (grin). Happy slightly late #10.

  13. Cats have a hard time sometimes with boarding. Poor Tripper. Hope he readjusts quickly. What a busy, happy journal and workspace. :) WOYWW#120

  14. Oh dear, poor Tripper is making you pay for sending him on holiday too! :( Love your smash book pages and I really have to be in the right mood for the journaling side of things. Apologies for my late arrival of doing the round of WOYWW desks! Annette #6

  15. Poor tripper, how strange he's lost his meow. Hopefully it'll return once he's totally settled back in at home.


  16. Hi Monica
    the room is taking shape and looks almost done. Your pages are looking amazing so much to look at and each one so different, talent
    Happy WOYWW and wishing you a great week
    Ria #50


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