WOYWW 221. A total lanslide!

I am back working on the second set of DVDs from Kate Crane, bold backgrounds and 4 Personalized Pages. Yesterday I sprayed with Dylusions and today it was acrylics. What a mess. I thought I had it set up better than yesterday where the journals kept getting lost under mountains of paper towels, sprays would not spray and I kept forgetting to spray with water etc. set out the books to use, set up the acrylics and had stencils and bottle tops for circles handy as well as a new box of baby wipes. I kept dropping things into the paint forgetting to use the baby wipes and in general was up to my armpits when the phone started with only calls I could answer. So here is my contribution to the general day of the Julia. Have to-remember to return and link to this madness so anyone not involved can join in.

The overall picture! i tidied the desk last week and put down my new mat from Artists Cellar, it is larger than most. The computer is set up there so that I can follow the steps in the DVD for the final journal page background. Since Acrylics has never been used by me for painting anything other than furniture or fabric I followed her colors so that I could get the feel of the process. I have decided to try and do a a page a week for the rest of the year so that I become more competent. i also realized why people use vintage images of strangers. Putting large ears on dear old aunt Dolly's photo from when she was in the prime of her youth and considered herself a beauty will lead to you being disinherited. Snatching photos off the internet of living strangers might lead to a legal suit!

Next we have another view of a work space in all its messy splendor. My computer desk. The white basket is to stop Tripper climbing onto the desk to sleep on the computer while I am using it.  he is so persistent.

This is me Birthday girl after a day of celebrating on Saturday. 

This is my bit for the week. It is now 5.04 pm, Tuesday and I have to finish this on the pc . 

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  1. Your space isn't that messy and that cupcake looks so happy and YUMMY hugs Nikki ??

  2. Happy belated birthday. I hope it was filled with everything fun (and chocolate). Looks to me like you have the wine part covered (grin).

    Yep, many desks at your place, too. I really LIKE that new craft mat. I bet it will last forever.

    Thanks for visiting me already, since neither of us has a number yet.

  3. Happy late birthday wishes to you. Your journal page is looking great

    The bears @#90

  4. You are one busy woman! I don't like spraying anything-it never looks right and is always a mess!

  5. happy belated birthday and what a great pic of you!
    love your crafting space - lots of room to play...
    happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    no. 38

  6. Oh dear! Spraying always terrifies me! That's 2 deskers who've had tales to tell of spraying mayhem! As I work in our dining room/ living room I think spraying is going to have to wait until I have craft space of my own! Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had fun!!! Thanks for the visit! Julie Ann xx #42

  7. Happy late birthday. I am impressed with your persistence in using the paints and sprays. Messy things scare me and after one or two mishaps I would have called it a day and found a good book to curl up with.

  8. Hi Monica. Love your creative space. Aren't cats just The Naughtiest Creatures. Mine is Computer Cat at the moment, as she howls when I use the computer and wants a lap.If I type too long -one handed- she looks up at me and waits for more pats.
    Love your happy birthday snap.Hope you had a grand day !!
    THANKYOU so much for that great praise re MY FABRIC BOOK.Patti is the lady whom I credit for getting me going with these.
    Judy #26

  9. Love your workspace. Looks like a happy place to be.

  10. music and crafting go together, I always have music going on when I am crafting and it changes the mood
    Bridget #80

  11. Happy Belated Birthday!!!! I love the colors on the page you were working on and I especially love your workspace, all sprawled out like mine :) Have a beautiful day. Rasz #122? (I think my number changed).

  12. LOL, yes you have to be careful about who's photo you use. I have so many of dead relatives (some of whom I did never know)so I use them, or pictures from magazines. (well you know that) Looking forward to seeing those journal pages! I just droll over the pictures of your LARGE work space. Someday I am going to drop by for some "play time"!!
    Thanks for all the visits and wonderful comments GF!


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