Thursday, September 26, 2013

Trying to reset Blogsy

With the advent of ios 7 Blogsy requires a re set something like needing it hair recolored! This is my absolutely favorite blog as they give GREAT service and it works even for a none techie like me. The problem is Google and worst of all Picasa

An altered book artist sketched women who should have been in history into a history book. Very effective


This is Chris, included as I wanted one photo from windstream.

This is taking up all the time assigned to WWOYW. Really missed it yesterday but doctor annuals and now of course a few new specialists to see. All historical sites need constant restoration, above and beyond cosmetic. This historical piece will now try to post!


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A tidy day for WOYWW 225

Here it is Tuesday and I am semi- organized and writing on Blogsy who I think was updated to ios7. This techie stuff makes the little grey cells go into convulsions. The code lock is another drive you nuts feature that needs to be turned off. Chris is never likely to just want to use it and Tripper prefers assaulting the PC. So here is my almost tidy work space, tidy is one of those words that seems to ooze gilt to many of us and yet it is a trait that is considered a huge virtue. Now women are no longer expected to devote themselves to house tidy it is giving the once tidy stars jitters and is reclassified from saintly eligibility to post modern organization skill. So if you are neither post modern or in need of organization skills or have lost them fear not. Your weekly visit to WOYWW courtesy of the divine Ms Dunnit who is probably messing with her new tea kettle even as I write, will open up a vast new world of creative desks filled with excitement and awe!

The pages to the left are the Strathmore Class from today. The tag is my attempt to do lettering. I have a million tags ,or so it seems with backgrounds completed. There is no need to fear a blank page here! I had tried cards last week and decided to go to my Strathmore visual journals.

Well it appears that my other photos are on the PC so I must post this then edit in PC.
Just finished reading White Princess and started watching Last Tango in Halifax, it is excellent. I am smitten with reading online. It is so easy on the hands and there is none of that trying to see properly.

The view from my room today . It has been a glorious. Week of cool mornings and dazzling days of sun shine. We had rain so everything is green. Is green the new orange for fall? The clouds are moving in and the night time temp will be higher.  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WOYWW 224 Back to Messy

This past week I feel somewhat under the weather as that nasty Menieres Disease is making sure I know it is my constant companion.  A quick trip to the ENT Doc has some medication that may or may not help.  I did not want to upset medical science and tell him a couple of glasses of wine may not cure anything but it does drive malaise into the corner.   

So here is my desk for week 224 of Julia Dunnit's WOYWW 224, where we all show off our work space and then socialize with everyone after seeing their desk and weekly activities.

The Strathmore class with Joanne Sharpe on left although the lower one was created a few months ago  My art Journals to right 

Yesterday our new mattress arrived so we had to empty the water bed before delivery so they could haul it off.  The new bed frame will arrive in 6 to 8 weeks, giving us time to paint the room.  Chris is designing a way to put the TV on the wall and not see the brackets and wires.  Every paint chip in a plethora of possible colors is now in a safe place in my room.  Loews and Home Depots had interesting propaganda full of new ideas.  The former is by far the best.  Preparing the room is by far the worst aspect of thus action.

Meanwhile I am looking after a neighbors cats while she is on vacation.  

This week I had to solve a series of computer problems so that I could sign up for Tim Holtz on-line class in October.  You had to get a code by signing in to last years Creative Chemistry 101, a prerequisite for CC102.  It took a week but all seems well and PC is running better than ever. 

So that is a brief summary of my exciting life in the Texas Hill Country where the biggest event was rain. Daytime temperatures have dropped to 91F (32.8C)  and overnight drops to mid 70s.  No rush to bring out winter clothes or warm blankets.  Chris has chopped up the wood in preparation for a cold night's fire!

Have a good week and visit.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WOYWW 223 Blogger problems

Cannot write a blog post on PC not sure if this will work .  Here goes

I worked on ideas for several days and came up with this, finally.  I was pissed off at this woman a the gym a big lady who always pushes to the front regardless of when she arrives. After  much thought, I very politely asked her if she would step to the side of the instructor so we could see him, she said oh "how nice I'm tall".    Found out she moves others mats etc so she can be right in front and even moved teacher over to be in front of her.  She seems a little wacko. This is how I resolved my pissed off status.

Good news in Dyan Reavelry's class in San Antonio October 1 and 2.  So excited.

I am caring for neighbors 2 cats while they are on vacation for  two weeks.  So feed and play with them twice a day.  IS that a distant meow summoning me?

have a great week and visit everyone.  Will try later to visit y'all.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


All the two's. Julie you've come a long way babe! I would put a link here but i do not know how to do it on iPad.  
My desk..... After a few days playing with Dylusions and Distress inks.
I am no sure where this page is going but i just had to use it. Minnie was in a magazine at the hairdressers.
Nor do I know about this one, see below. I never know what i want to do but I sure needed to do something with the pages. I bought all the Tim stencils as i thought they were great for backgrounds. He made a tag using about 6 of them.  Inspired,I started on a green and yellow sprayed page with embossing paste and IMMEDIATELY knew why he started wit a clean tag! The embossing paste was like a sponge and sucked up the color.
Then all the distress stains blended in the worst way. I stenciled the white letters with acrylics and the Dyan Revealry stencil, Flossie, was a wreck hence the cut out. Where was my muse. I think she stuck her head in the toilet on this one.

This is the September Calendar Challenge. Now started with daily notes, oh, the days are in fact white. So much for photos taken in an orange room.

I am taking the Strathmore class on watercolors with Jane LaFazio and Joanne Sharpe. It is on card making with watercolors. I like the class as it is not fiddling with bits and pieces of die cuts and.....precision. I will give the first one a try later.

Tripper is acting feisty so the medication must be working and the hyper thyroid under control. He caught a baby squirrel, then dropped it in the drive way when he saw Chris. Chris was so upset he put a collar on Tripper with two bells. He sounds like the poster cat for Santa!
Today I tried writing a grocery list in the Reminder  app on iPad and using Siri to add them.  Siri is a voice activated system that answers your questions and supposedly writes them down  in a list.  I said "Add Pasta to grocery list"  she replied " Monica I do not understand what you are saying."  Eventually I was able to get her to add to the list but she wrote "pasta grow".  So much for high tech!

Have a wonderful week everyone. It is Tuesday here in HOT Texas and i will visit tomorrow then visit.