A tidy day for WOYWW 225

Here it is Tuesday and I am semi- organized and writing on Blogsy who I think was updated to ios7. This techie stuff makes the little grey cells go into convulsions. The code lock is another drive you nuts feature that needs to be turned off. Chris is never likely to just want to use it and Tripper prefers assaulting the PC. So here is my almost tidy work space, tidy is one of those words that seems to ooze gilt to many of us and yet it is a trait that is considered a huge virtue. Now women are no longer expected to devote themselves to house tidy it is giving the once tidy stars jitters and is reclassified from saintly eligibility to post modern organization skill. So if you are neither post modern or in need of organization skills or have lost them fear not. Your weekly visit to WOYWW courtesy of the divine Ms Dunnit who is probably messing with her new tea kettle even as I write, will open up a vast new world of creative desks filled with excitement and awe!

The pages to the left are the Strathmore Class from today. The tag is my attempt to do lettering. I have a million tags ,or so it seems with backgrounds completed. There is no need to fear a blank page here! I had tried cards last week and decided to go to my Strathmore visual journals.

Well it appears that my other photos are on the PC so I must post this then edit in PC.
Just finished reading White Princess and started watching Last Tango in Halifax, it is excellent. I am smitten with reading online. It is so easy on the hands and there is none of that trying to see properly.

The view from my room today . It has been a glorious. Week of cool mornings and dazzling days of sun shine. We had rain so everything is green. Is green the new orange for fall? The clouds are moving in and the night time temp will be higher.  


  1. The Strathmore journals are on our never ending wishlist! Your desk looks very organised

    The house of bear. No. 79 we think

  2. Oh my goodness, what a view! I'd just sit there and admire that view all day long, it's beautiful! I love the little peak of your craft space too :)
    Kate WOYWW # 85

  3. I hate having to deal with technology. Happy crafting #5

  4. I don't think I qualify for modern, be it pre- or post- but is it okay that I like a tidy house just for tidiness sake? I've gotten more tidy as of late because of the gray cat (seen on my desk today) as he is allergic to dust. The things we do for our kids! There are lots of neat things on your desk today that would be fun to poke through. I'm impressed that you can letter your own tags. I'd just make a right mess of it. And yes, green is the new orange for fall. Only here it isn't new... it is just fall as usual for us.

  5. I read and enjoyed the White Princess, too. Are you watching The White Queen on Starz? It's a compilation of the three books in one miniseries.

  6. Beautiful picture! Yes, I think green is the new orange, as we melt in 89 degrees and 89% humidity. Green is mold and moss.


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