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This past week I feel somewhat under the weather as that nasty Menieres Disease is making sure I know it is my constant companion.  A quick trip to the ENT Doc has some medication that may or may not help.  I did not want to upset medical science and tell him a couple of glasses of wine may not cure anything but it does drive malaise into the corner.   

So here is my desk for week 224 of Julia Dunnit's WOYWW 224, where we all show off our work space and then socialize with everyone after seeing their desk and weekly activities.

The Strathmore class with Joanne Sharpe on left although the lower one was created a few months ago  My art Journals to right 

Yesterday our new mattress arrived so we had to empty the water bed before delivery so they could haul it off.  The new bed frame will arrive in 6 to 8 weeks, giving us time to paint the room.  Chris is designing a way to put the TV on the wall and not see the brackets and wires.  Every paint chip in a plethora of possible colors is now in a safe place in my room.  Loews and Home Depots had interesting propaganda full of new ideas.  The former is by far the best.  Preparing the room is by far the worst aspect of thus action.

Meanwhile I am looking after a neighbors cats while she is on vacation.  

This week I had to solve a series of computer problems so that I could sign up for Tim Holtz on-line class in October.  You had to get a code by signing in to last years Creative Chemistry 101, a prerequisite for CC102.  It took a week but all seems well and PC is running better than ever. 

So that is a brief summary of my exciting life in the Texas Hill Country where the biggest event was rain. Daytime temperatures have dropped to 91F (32.8C)  and overnight drops to mid 70s.  No rush to bring out winter clothes or warm blankets.  Chris has chopped up the wood in preparation for a cold night's fire!

Have a good week and visit.


  1. I was thinking of taking that Tim Holtz class, until I realized there is a prerequisite. Oh well. I guess I just saved some $$$.

  2. Sounds like you've had your hands full this week!! What color are you going to paint your bedroom? I'm sure it will be vibrantly colorful!!

  3. And you still find moments for art and quietness. Isn't that wonderful?

  4. OOOH LA LA! Love what is laying on your work desk! Sorry you haven't been feeling up to par. A TH class??? that sounds like a lot of fun.
    I'm bowing out of WOYWW for about 5 weeks, this is the same day as my camera class, back adjustment and GD Megan's swim lesson, BUT I will still come see you.
    Thanks for all the visits to my blog, your the BEST!!!

  5. I went to see my chest specialist yesterday, only to be told that he is ordering more tests, and didn't hold out much hope of improvement in my breathing :-( Oh well, maybe the Lord will perform a miracle. Thanks for stopping by earlier, and I trust you managed to see all my pyrography. Hope the decorating goes well, and that the new mattress is comfortable.
    Kind regards, John W #71.

  6. The artwork on your journal pages is so pretty. I love the colors.
    April #115

  7. I'll be in that Tim class too! I'm thinking if I get the time, I'll go back in and redo 101, but...well...We'll see. Your desk looks like you have tons of fun!

  8. Hi Monica
    I am sorry to hear you have not been feeling too good and I hope that soon improves.
    Your desk is looking great today with some lovely crafting stash for us to poke around.
    Good luck with your new bed and the decorating of your bedroom
    Have a great day today and a wonderful weekend
    Ria #61

  9. Love those bright colours!

    I hope you are feeling better - a glass or two of wine is DEFINITELY what the Doctor ordered (whether he knows it or not!!).



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