All the two's. Julie you've come a long way babe! I would put a link here but i do not know how to do it on iPad.  
My desk..... After a few days playing with Dylusions and Distress inks.
I am no sure where this page is going but i just had to use it. Minnie was in a magazine at the hairdressers.
Nor do I know about this one, see below. I never know what i want to do but I sure needed to do something with the pages. I bought all the Tim stencils as i thought they were great for backgrounds. He made a tag using about 6 of them.  Inspired,I started on a green and yellow sprayed page with embossing paste and IMMEDIATELY knew why he started wit a clean tag! The embossing paste was like a sponge and sucked up the color.
Then all the distress stains blended in the worst way. I stenciled the white letters with acrylics and the Dyan Revealry stencil, Flossie, was a wreck hence the cut out. Where was my muse. I think she stuck her head in the toilet on this one.

This is the September Calendar Challenge. Now started with daily notes, oh, the days are in fact white. So much for photos taken in an orange room.

I am taking the Strathmore class on watercolors with Jane LaFazio and Joanne Sharpe. It is on card making with watercolors. I like the class as it is not fiddling with bits and pieces of die cuts and.....precision. I will give the first one a try later.

Tripper is acting feisty so the medication must be working and the hyper thyroid under control. He caught a baby squirrel, then dropped it in the drive way when he saw Chris. Chris was so upset he put a collar on Tripper with two bells. He sounds like the poster cat for Santa!
Today I tried writing a grocery list in the Reminder  app on iPad and using Siri to add them.  Siri is a voice activated system that answers your questions and supposedly writes them down  in a list.  I said "Add Pasta to grocery list"  she replied " Monica I do not understand what you are saying."  Eventually I was able to get her to add to the list but she wrote "pasta grow".  So much for high tech!

Have a wonderful week everyone. It is Tuesday here in HOT Texas and i will visit tomorrow then visit.


  1. OMG!! Your Siri story had my laughing out loud and now Dyna is looking at me most strangely. I signed up for the Strathmore classes too, and watched the first two of the mixed media. very interesting. Love the Minnie page, and I rather like your "mistake" page for what it is. Remember it is not the destination but the journey LOL not sure if I'll link up to WOYWW this week. Thanks for the visits you know I always love to read your comments.

  2. Love your adventures trying to add to your grocery list and i'm glad Chris put bells on Tripper! Good looking pages your are making!

  3. I really like your pages, especially the sexy mouse. Happy crafting #1

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You must be about the only lady that has managed to comment on my website from an Apple product. Webeden, my web host, uses Adobe Flash Player, and Apple and Adobe rarely talk to each other - but it's obviously possible or you couldn't have done it - thanks again. Hope that you manage to tame siri, so that it understands you better! Happy crafting,
    John-W #51.

  5. I often find things in the magazines at the hairdresser that I want to use for art. Then I have to ask if I can take a page from their book, which is usually embarrassing but always worth it. Sometimes it seems cat get as good as they give. I remember a cat we had that was always getting dive bombed by the blue jays in the yard. Yeah, he brought home a few decapitated mice, but he had a lot of head pecks to make up for it!

  6. hello again.. was trying to find you.. lol took me a bit. I love the pages you are doing. I like a lot of color. Thanks for posting. Roberta 17

  7. Monica love your Journal pages, superb, I am going to make a decision to have a New Year's resolution to do a Journal, hopefully will have more time next year, after having 2 new grandchildren born this year, it has been hectic, thank you for visiting my WOYWW, appreciate it, and I have 2 rails, but make no difference, my legs just go away from me, have decided that I will not go up and down stairs when in the house on my own, worked so far this week, so fingers crossed, I have found a solution, for a while at least, hugs, Avril#60

  8. I don't get it. I was HERE. I left a comment. I remember because of the Minnie page and the backgrounds. Why didn't the comment take, I wonder. I can't figure it out.

    I love the calendar pages and look forward to joining you each month in this challenge.

    Sorry, but I KNOW I left a comment earlier.

  9. wonderfully colorful pages and the bicycle theme on the calendar is fantastic!

  10. Oh, Monica! Thank you for being you and making me laugh! xoxoxo

  11. Love, Love, Love your calendar page! Your post really made me laugh, coming back for more!! Chrisx


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