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Cannot write a blog post on PC not sure if this will work .  Here goes

I worked on ideas for several days and came up with this, finally.  I was pissed off at this woman a the gym a big lady who always pushes to the front regardless of when she arrives. After  much thought, I very politely asked her if she would step to the side of the instructor so we could see him, she said oh "how nice I'm tall".    Found out she moves others mats etc so she can be right in front and even moved teacher over to be in front of her.  She seems a little wacko. This is how I resolved my pissed off status.

Good news in Dyan Reavelry's class in San Antonio October 1 and 2.  So excited.

I am caring for neighbors 2 cats while they are on vacation for  two weeks.  So feed and play with them twice a day.  IS that a distant meow summoning me?

have a great week and visit everyone.  Will try later to visit y'all.


  1. Hi Monica! I love that page--I've only been art journaling about a year and I really really love it. I'd say it's definitely a go-to place for frustrating exercise classes too! (was that lady a mess or what) Have a great week. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #23

  2. don't you just hate people like that. love your page, lucky you to have a class with Dyan. Francesca #47

  3. I think there's always some lady in a gym class that is a little crazy I don't take the classes at mine but I hear there is one lady that always must be in the same spot every week and freaks out if she doesn't get it so strange. Your journal page looks great hugs Nikki 10

  4. OMGoodness - I saw this as someone taking a pee !!!! Sorry about that !! I don't envy you the problems with the woman - I don't expect she will get to move out of anyone's way !!! Such a shame :-(


    Ike in Greece #91 xx

  5. See, art really is therapy!! I'm not surprised you were p'ed off - some people are just inconsiderate...
    Still, your post worked and we can all enjoy your great journal page :)
    Happy WOYWW and have a wonderful week!
    no. 33

  6. Monica, I have tears in my eyes reading your post. Now that is good craft therapy! I even showed my husband your post. He was laughing too.

    Good for you for kindly saying something to her I can't believe she managed to still be a stink about it!

    Hope it works out! I think I might have to try your craft therapy approach.

    Have a blessed day!
    Belinda (37)

  7. Oh, Miss M, what a great journal page. I think you should tear it out and post it somewhere in the gym! LOL She is a very RUDE lady. I think you need to stand in front of her and tell her "aren't YOU glad your tall" LOL. Good luck with your class, you know that I am green with envy!!!
    Krisha #18

  8. A creative solution for an annoying situation. Good for you. Be well Carole #110

  9. Some people are just rude for the fun of it. Don't let her get to you. Happy crafting #5

  10. ha! such a great way to expend all that negative energy!

  11. People at the gym scare me! They all seem to know exactly what they're doing, and, oh boy, don't you dare get in their way while they're doing it! I become the wallflower, stuck on the edge, unable to see the instructor, following the idiot in front who is away in their own little dream world.

    I love the wicked look on 'your' face!


  12. oh I'm putting money on that you're being summoned by a cat!! I love how you got over being peed off, art is therapy!! Fancy that woman even getting the teacher to move...for goodness sake how selfish...and really, how amazing that the teacher complied!!

  13. I lover this journal page. I agree with Krisha. Post this (or a copy) in the gym. I bet everyone else will know who you are referring to. And your page is definitely an attention getter. It's always best to take out our frustration on paper, not individuals. Good for you.

    I had never heard of Menieres disease, so I'm off to do an internet search for it. BTW, I experienced vertigo once, and it's not fun!

  14. I love your journal page. I'm sorry about your situation. At least it is another student in the class who is wacko and not the instructor. I had an instructor once who would shriek at us for getting out of step and "ruining her choreography." Jeez. We were an aerobics class, not a dance troupe.

  15. LOVE your page !
    Made me laugh out loud at you getting your frustrations expressed in such a great way !
    Brilliant jornal page !
    Ali x #122

  16. She sounds like a pain the the patoot! The picture explains it all--LOL!
    Thanks for visiting me!!! WOYWW#107

  17. Ha! Brilliant way to get it out of your system and you will look back and laugh in the future. Why do people do things like that? I can understand getting somewhere early to get a good seat but pushing in really isn't very nice. Happy WOYWW from Annette #2

  18. Bet it felt great to finish this page...good way to let out your frustration.

    Mayne a quiet word with someone at the gym would help.

    After all you paid the same fees as her and you are all the gym's clients. i think I would speak to the instructor to sort it and then go to the administrator if it is not taken care of.

  19. Some people are just selfish and don't think about other people, I'm sure you're not the only one who's frustrated by her! Great journal page :) Have a fab time with Dyan - she's awesome! Thanks for sharing and a belated happy woyww Liz@74

  20. Love how you took out your frustration. Enjoy your kitty sitting.

  21. Ditto making a color copy (or perhaps black and white so you are not so easily ID'd! LOL) and leaving or posting in a strategic place!


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