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Today i can see the top of my desk. I managed to complete a few things on my to do list and catchup. So i feel happy about that. Next, I saw someone called Dawn make a wallet out of a 12x12 scrapbook doublesided sheet so I plan to give it a try. Expect blue air to cross the Atlantic as this is a video and there seem to be no patterns. Here is my desk; to the left some stamps bought andused to make Sympathy cards. To the right is my Art Journal Calander page. This month I am going to just write each day without set little squares and see how it goes. This may be very creative or a frigging mess
There were other projects that grabbed my time like this birthday card for a friend this Friday. Hope friend Kay does not read my Blog. It's a surprise card for her hubby Art whose Birthday is 11/1, All Souls Day so I used a Day of the Dead theme and some craziness . The green is the envelope and this is the card. It was 12 x 9 watercolor paper. I made several layers of stenci…

WOYWW 229 Bad Week

Do not. Seem to be able to do any thing this week except cook. My muse seems to wander and never sticks with anything. I managed to complete so of Tim Holtz class but not too much mostly embossing. Th many tag backgrounds. I am trying to get a handle on the Samsung GS4. i cannot answer phone call as I seem unable to swipe when it rings. The phots taken on it do not fly off to a cloud or even Picasa. Here is the work space. My brother in law died Sunday morning and i have not made progress in making a Sympathy card. George was a very sweet loving man. He was ill for a short time and I. Found out from a post on FB. I called and tlked to my sister . Shewas in shock but hadher kids and grand kids with her. She does not use a computer. Long time since I sawthem and strange to think they have grown old while i see them as they where 10 years ago. Well that is it for tonight. Tomorrow will visit everyone. Julia seems to be in. spain having a blast.Posted with Blogsy

WOYWW 228 frustrated

There is nothing like a new cell phone to turn one into a doddering old woman. Last week I bought a Samsung GS4 , my very first cell phone, thinking I had successfully conquered the cyber world and would transfer from ipad with ease. How could I have really imagined that to be true. Well it turns out that verizon was the thorn in my side. The two accounts are as I write separate but the devices share the same passwords etc. after a fruitless attempt to set up MyVerizon I was informed what was not my password etc. The endless pages of numbers codes user ids, and numbers of this that and the other was known. Well to everyone but me. It was sorted after endless hours of listening to drivel, when on hold, about all the devises I should buy. And instead of drowning my exasperation in several glasses of wine i decieded to write my blog. Only thing is my desk is devoid of anything other than junk and is a dump station. A week pf doctor visits has interupted my play time. Doct…

WOYWW. 227 what a week

This week was so busy, again! We started on th painting the bedroom well not we but he. He rejected my offer of help so here it was Saturday. First coat of paint. He started with great gusto and wound down. now just trim and stencil to complete it: bed due Friday. So what have I worked on since Dyan class, why a couple of pages, really to practice lettering. No meaning or deep angst! I just had fun with them. Monday I started Tim Holtz Creative Chenistry 102. He started with his Distress Paints of which I have none so I used acrylics on hand just to try techniques. He called it marbeling and I had tried it once before with my ultra cheap Walmart acrylic paints, more dead than alive. I really do not like the matt finish and think the distress inks are the ultimate fun great media for backgrounds. At some point I may purchase some of his but at the moment no money left in my budget as i bought a Samsung and signed up with verizon. i t arrives tomorrow. The next one is a metal…


Stuff dumped on desk as spent day in San Antonio in class with Dyan Revealry.....fabulous Her class is so well organized and professional and totally different than the classes American's teach. There is no chit chat and the class moves and you all work at it. Tremendous learning experience. Definately not a social class. Her teaching style is terrific and i felt I might now remember to spritz water after spraying ink. I have two classes tomorrow and will drive home in the dark. Not a favorite activity. Nice small classes only 16.Working a little in the week on my October calendar but I need a few additions to it. I arrived home and the master bathroom sink sprung a leak. So noe we nee a new faucet etc. Chris seems to want to do it himself. He is already working on the master bedroom. He built a TV shelf to hid wires and all the equipment. Very good. My hearing has not improved so another course of prednisone and no sleep!!! Last night I managed to get several hours…