WOYWW. 227 what a week

This week was so busy, again! We started on th painting the bedroom well not we but he. He rejected my offer of help so here it was Saturday. First coat of paint.

He started with great gusto and wound down. now just trim and stencil to complete it: bed due Friday. So what have I worked on since Dyan class, why a couple of pages, really to practice lettering. No meaning or deep angst!

I just had fun with them. Monday I started Tim Holtz Creative Chenistry 102. He started with his Distress Paints of which I have none so I used acrylics on hand just to try techniques. He called it marbeling and I had tried it once before with my ultra cheap Walmart acrylic paints, more dead than alive. I really do not like the matt finish and think the distress inks are the ultimate fun great media for backgrounds. At some point I may purchase some of his but at the moment no money left in my budget as i bought a Samsung and signed up with verizon. i t arrives tomorrow.


The next one is a metallic acrylic technique that I believe has not only a wow factor but potential. Alas WalMart Acrylics did not rise to the occaision, though I felt there was a hint of something wonderful waiting to emerge. The second to the right was the one with the mettalic top coat that was ripped off with a paper towel to reveal a patina. Regrets no patina and not much rip off. There were many techniques with each daily lesson and i just selected a few I was interested in.

Next i switched to Day 2 and a Mixed media Tag using his stencils that I bought and just love. There were six layers. i loved the effect. Making three as one is for the record and 2 for me to finish. Tim is very organized in the class and has a great set up that enables one to return to the print out or video at any Making layers was always hard for me so with this I used the stencils he used to make me do it. Well he did introduce a brand new stencil so I substituted the rays one

Anyway that is my desk today, tuesday and i will post and link now as tomorrow is a busy day. It is another week of doctor visits and so far great news, cancer free and I am in great health and young for my age. I actually feel ancient.

So off to bed. Tomorrow, Wednesday, I will visit lots of you to see whats on your workspace so back to Julia and see what she is up to today.



  1. My hubby rejects my offers to help paint. Love the journal pages and the tags. Happy crafting #4

  2. Great journal pages, love them but those tags are really good considering you were using other products, good for you. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 3

  3. I see you are taking what you have learned in your classes and using your supplies as well. Way to go. #28

  4. nice bedroom colour, great tags, really vibrant, thanks for sharing, Donna #48

  5. I love the colours in the first journal page! They are so fresh! It is nice to see someone trying out techniques with different materials - My money is spend (or rather, has to be saved) too, so no distress paint for me.
    I did get a nice effect with acryllic paint by using a creditcard (or other flat surface / straight edged thingy) and scraping the paint on, and using just a slight bit of another paint and adding that. Maybe the scraping effect would be bigger if you'd damage the paper a bit? Hmm lots of ideas to try now... I don't think the first tags are all that bad, maybe you could add a gloss/shimmering spray on top of it, or a coat of glossy decoupage glue (like mod podge). It has a bit of a vintage look to it, like faded colors, items from a summer long ago. Age the edges with some brown ink (if the acryllic paint takes it - I found it quite impossible to use my distress inks on acryllic paint, and even Stazon didn't work as well. Embossing worked though.)
    I also love the rays on your last tags!
    Debbie (Daqa) #53

  6. I love your lettering, nothing to complain about :-D looks fare better than mine could ever do. I also love the tags, they look just yummieh ... Happy WOYWW, Suzanne

  7. Looks like lots of fun in your classes.

  8. The tags with the layers on have turned out great, I used a couple of his stencils and thought they were really good!
    Jackie 40

  9. I like your WM acrylic tags, they photograph well. You have made some WOW journal pages, love the shadow one.
    I am the one that rejects the help when it comes to painting my walls. I asked for help ONE time and never again.....LOL

  10. Love what you've done. I didn't sign up for 102, as I struggled to find the time to do 101. I'm with you on the paints, I'm sure Tims are great, but I have a drawer full of acrylic paints, I truly cannot justify buying more, no matter how hard I try!Have a good week, Hugs, Shaz #31 xx

  11. Oh your work is so gorgeous. What talent! I enjoyed having a look round your blog too. Thanks for sharing.
    Karen Busby no.57

  12. Love the soft color of your bedroom paint. Your playing with your TH class techniques looks like fun and I love the mixed media tags you have created. I thought of signing up for this class but don't own that many of his color items, so I was interested to see that people are participating not owning a lot themselves. I do love his stains, and hope to have some money to add to my collection of these again soon. Have a great day and Happy WOYWW! Danie #16.

  13. Hello Monica, firstly, that's wonderful news that you are cancer free and in great health. It's brilliant to be told you are young for your age, although I do know what you mean about feeling ancient, feel that way myself sometimes too :) Your experiments with acrylics on tags are fabulous - the colours and masking are super. Thanks for sharing. I hope you have a good week and happy WOYWW. Elizabeth x #41

  14. Great bright colours for your tags and very pretty colour for your newly painted room.
    Sandra @63

  15. The bedroom is going to look fab, I love the colour you've chosen. The tags are great. Hugs. Pam#37

  16. Hi Monica,

    Congratulations on being cancer free and young for your age! Oh, but I do know what you mean about feeling ancient - now THAT I can understand. Your pages look great and the tags are coming along nicely. I think the Wal Mart acrylics looks just fine - maybe not you're looking for but by the time you add to them I'm sure they'll come out looking fabulous, darling!

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (19)


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