WOYWW 228 frustrated

There is nothing like a new cell phone to turn one into a doddering old woman. Last week I bought a Samsung GS4 , my very first cell phone, thinking I had successfully conquered the cyber world and would transfer from ipad with ease. How could I have really imagined that to be true. Well it turns out that verizon was the thorn in my side. The two accounts are as I write separate but the devices share the same passwords etc. after a fruitless attempt to set up MyVerizon I was informed what was not my password etc. The endless pages of numbers codes user ids, and numbers of this that and the other was known. Well to everyone but me. It was sorted after endless hours of listening to drivel, when on hold, about all the devises I should buy. And instead of drowning my exasperation in several glasses of wine i decieded to write my blog. Only thing is my desk is devoid of anything other than junk and is a dump station. A week pf doctor visits has interupted my play time. Doctors beget doctors and test. So additional hearing test resulted in my getting yet more evidence that i have a hearing loss and blood tests resulted in a sore arm.

The dump station to left is todays catch barely visible in the debris

The other impediment is tripper who can turn off an ipad with a quick paw movement or a claw outstretched to my throat, really a gesture of ....fill my bowl. Not that he is hungry, he just likes a full bowl. Since he no longer meows he is into body language.

Over the weekend i stencilled the bedroom walls only door remain to be done. It looks quite nice but the stencils were smaller than i imagined

In a few hours it will be Wednesday why not head over to stampingground.blogspot.com and sign up to see Ms Dunnit's creative way for us all to get toether and share whats on your work workspace.

All spelling errors and written garbage are the fault of Apple. They know everything!



  1. Technology is great - as long as it works! I hope you are able to get your phone and accounts working correctly. Your stenciling looks great! April #61

  2. Your room looks fab with that bright red and all the white :) you must be loving it
    hugs Nikki 39

  3. Oh Monica, I hate cell phones. Can't live without them, yet shouldn't throw them across the room in a fit of frustration . . . the stencils look great, by the way, and good luck with the phone!

    #21 this week with a
    tiny peek at a tiny make

  4. He,he Monica! Cat body language can be very loud can't it!!!

  5. Loved reading your post...made me laugh. Also love your cat! Thanks for sharing.
    Karen no.82 x

  6. Isn't technology a wonderful thing, rofl! I hate it when inanimate objects will not do as they are told. Love the stencilling. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #29 xx

  7. Your bedroom stencilling looks amazing!

    Modern technology is quite beyond me, thank goodness for teenage children or I'd be doomed!


  8. Well, girlfriend this is quite a post...LOL Love your stenciled wall. Your technology skills are equal to mine, and I hate calling ANY customer service (and I used to be at the other end of those calls) I DO try to be nice, at the beginning, but......hummm, lets just leave it at I hate calling customer service.
    Thanks for the visit, you know I love it when you come to call.

  9. You have had a rough week! I hope it all gets better for you now--the whole phone thing is truly crazy and makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes! Your kitty is adorable. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #9

  10. Hi Monica
    sorry to hear about your hearing loss I hope there is something they can do about it for you. Then there is all the trouble with technology I am totally at a loss to it, I have the same phone as you got but I have to keep getting my son to help me with it
    Happy WOYWW have an enjoyable week hugs Ria #22

  11. You are actually quite good with technology, so this phone must have been a real troublemaker. I would be sunk without my husband and son to manage me in the technology department. Tripper is a cutie.

  12. I can't believe that beautiful bedroom. Lush.

    Sorry to read about all your woes. I hate it when I have to call people and you get robots for the first five minutes, then tele-ads for the next twenty, then a person whose 2nd or 3rd language might be English. Hope you (and Tripper) are in better spirits next week. Happy WOYWW from #7.

  13. I know what you mean about doctors begetting doctors! I know my hearing is on the wane, it's getting harder to keep up with lots of conversations going on at once. Love your dumping ground, would love to have a rummage! Hugs. Pam#68

  14. I so much hate setting up new accounts and that stuff. They are speaking a language that is not mine. Love your stencil work and your kitty!
    Gabriele #77

  15. you cracked me up with your cell phone story! (found you from AlteredBookLover blog) I know exactly what you are talking about...I can barely figure out how to make a call or do a text! Your work space, though full, is enviable...the drawers under the table and the counter space! have fun!

  16. Happy Belated WOYWW. I know your pain. I have a new mobile phone (or phablet - it is so big, it is officially almost a tablet!) and there is so much to learn. Love your stencilling - and we also have a cat that is very demanding (or several, as the yard cats are also constantly following me about asking for a full bowl)! Ali x #96

  17. Looks like a whole lotta stuff here, what fun!
    Thanks for the snoop!
    Chrissie #84
    PS If you work at the table we see here, where do your knees go?


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