Today i can see the top of my desk. I managed to complete a few things on my to do list and catchup. So i feel happy about that. Next, I saw someone called Dawn make a wallet out of a 12x12 scrapbook doublesided sheet so I plan to give it a try. Expect blue air to cross the Atlantic as this is a video and there seem to be no patterns. Here is my desk; to the left some stamps bought andused to make Sympathy cards. To the right is my Art Journal Calander page. This month I am going to just write each day without set little squares and see how it goes. This may be very creative or a frigging mess
There were other projects that grabbed my time like this birthday card for a friend this Friday. Hope friend Kay does not read my Blog. It's a surprise card for her hubby Art whose Birthday is 11/1, All Souls Day so I used a Day of the Dead theme and some craziness . The green is the envelope and this is the card. It was 12 x 9 watercolor paper. I made several layers of stenciling and stamping, cut out the figures, made the labels, not just once but many times,   Finally SUCCESS!
Next the inside, after many false starts this..... Pockets to store read time to plan .... bucket list. This is layout is from Dyans class, she made it as a page for a journal, I just adapted it.
Next I finally completed a Sympathy card that was started a week ago . The garbage is full of mess ups that ranged from from inky finger prints to goofy stamping and background messes. I covered the card with Texas made Japanese paper,( and you thought we were all finding oil and rounding up cattle). Yes, a friend's cousin found this printing press and started a printing business modifying Japanese methods, very classy paper. I get the scraps when I'm lucky. The background  of the inner part is simply a Tim technique. Its a start.

So that's it. Ms Dunnit the founder of this list has returned from Spin without pictures of her doing the flamenco on table top.  She had the idea for this list. (The spell check is not working and i do not know how to add the link). So go to  http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/ and find out how it works and get  to mosey in on the world of artisans, crafters and crazies.

I write this in Blogsy on my ipad and do not seem able to get the spell check working.  I just installed an up grade and they create wild and crazy actions.  i then check it on faithful PC.  What horror I find, makes me feel my first language was not English! Definitely part of a punctuation free tribe.


  1. omg that Day of the Dead card is hysterical! I love it.

  2. Love both your cards. Haven't linked to Julia yet, too pooped from cleaning, may not even play this week, but we'll see.
    Thanks for the visit.

  3. Love the journal layout page, we made one like that when I went to one of Dyan's workshops in the UK. Lovely stamps at the front of your desk and what a great idea making an "All Souls" theme card for the birthday. Hugs. Pam#39

  4. Love love love your cards! So talented. Good luck with your 'creative/frigging' mess journalling lol. You have made me laugh! Thank you for sharing.
    Karen no.51 x

  5. Oh you are a Dear! Had to pop back and say Happy WOYWW and put a blessing on your IPAD........LOL

  6. That birthday card is a riot, too much fun. :-) Your bucket list is very creative and clever.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and for the nice comments.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #3

  7. Yep. I have that trouble on Blogsy too, and others, but they are more easily cured. My biggest problem is remembering the meaning of all the icons...I miss written tabs! That birthday card for art is wonderful, must have taken aaaaaggges, you are good to persevere. And I'm loving the the Texas made paper, what a great idea. See, if I'd found the press! I'd have just thought how marvellous it was and wish someone could use it...it wouldn't actually occur to me!!

  8. Love that birthday card. Such detail, I sure understand the blogsy thing. Sometimes I have no trouble at all and other times I slap my IPAD...

    Hugs Robin 74

  9. I like that Sympathy card. the other work is not my style but the lovely thing about craft, is that we are all different! Thanks for visiting y blog. The inserts for my cards are just a stamped or printed sheet to go inside for writing on. Some people don't bother with them in Christmas cards but I like to. So they are not complicated, just tie-consuming. Kate x #44

  10. The Birthday Card is super fun, made me smile!

  11. Didn't join in last week, (this week here)but had to say love the birthday card!!


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