Tuesday, November 12, 2013


This week has not been productive or has it? This is my desk today. I cleaned out all kinds of things Saturday, tossed a ton of saved bits. The sort of bits you think you will use and after a year or two have never used. In the blue bag is a a mini book made  into a card for a friend. Will have to show next week.     

Today I wanted to get going on with my journaling, that's what is on the desk. The fuzzy looking page is a gessoed Dylusions page. The writing was not laid  out well. The phrase for all of you straining your eyes is "smile it raises the wrinkles". The page above was another moment of " ???? To do" and so I tried out a new stamp made of sponge. Found it in Tuesday Morning a Claudine Helmuthone, not so good.  

On Sunday I visited my friend, Deanie, who had had a lumpectomy on Monday. We have met once a month for over 10 years to create both all kinds of crafts and chit chat. OK aka gossip. I decided I need to work on beading when I visit her as I bought so many tubes of beads, during my bead era my guilt level is high.  My carpal tunnel put a hold on beading as beading cramps my hand.   This is the current project, not on my work table but in my work bag. Just a little left to finish and then to attach it to a metal band.  My closet is full of orange clothes but no bracelet. So this was a way to use up beads and fill an accessory need. So this was worked on this week, it is the accumulation of several visits and about 10 hours of work.

Today while preparing the oven to self clean i wrenched my back. The heat pad and chocolate seem to be helping. A new cure!

Have a great WOYWW.  And check out here if you our wondering what this is all about.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

WOYWW 31 what a week

Here is my desk. i started to clean it up and remembered there was a  digi card I needed to make for the subdivision ladies Christmas lunch. So I quit the tidy up, very much needed after several days of mini book making. The first mini was made with a paper from Tuesday morning, cheap and dark with no contrast on each side.  I rushed over to Tuesday Morning recalling double sided paper and found some that was stronger and decided to buy  as it is only $1.99 for 20 sheets. The two pink spotted books are some of the ones made with this paper.   It is quite horrendous but since the pages are covered with bits and pieces it should be OK.  The mini books are made from folding.  The one on the right uses no glue.  My friend Deanie had a lumpectomy Monday so one of the books was used as a card. it was stop and start with the "how to" video.  I cannot remember what they say while the video runs.  it's like being in one of those silent movies where they are all chasing around!
The video was from Dawn's Inspirations and she is a Brit.excellent video. 

  My stash does not contain all those cutey things, embellishments, they use to decorate the mini albums so I made it my way.  it started off cute and rapidly deteriorated to funky.  SO now that I know how to make mini albums I will use them for cards until the next great idea appears. had to mail the one to Deanie and never photographed it. 

Here are the digi invites. (Have to go to PC for them) 
  The one above was rejected as too modern
 this is 3 and below is 2 .  They look great on the computer and awful when printed as they are low on pixels and as we all know low pixels makes a dull you outside of the digi world.   Its like having low calcium.,

Oh well, will get to your posts tomorrow for WOYWW. Wondering what this is about?  Check out Julia to find out what it is all about. The crafty noseies!!,

off to beddie byes.See you in the morning!