The 15 Prompts of December

When Terri  posted the 15 prompts of Christmas i initially dismissed it then decided I needed a kick start to the New Year.  once started, it was  so much fun, the idea was to make pages in a journal and a prompt for each day to inspire and motivate, instead of pages the prompts were created with tags.  Then my Gelli printing plates arrived. This addictive habit creates a life time of backgrounds in a few days.  Some of the pages were made into a book using an accordion folded binding that had been on my mind to make for a year!  The tags were then added to Gelli print pages.  

The cover made from Gelli Plate print background and die cuts

Painted accordion fold binding made from file folders. 

I used blue print paper with washi strips on front inside cover. First prompt was to make backgrounds and the second was" to do lists" (on the tag ).  

on reverse side of  every tag page is some journaling.  prompt 3  is a favorite holiday movie.   Mine is "Joyeaux Noel" a french movie, tag is on a black a white ghost print.

prompt 4 is "a home made gift to treasure forever".  This tag is about the afghan Lynne Kelly crocheted for me when i retired.  

Prompt 5 on the left is" baked with love" so here are my favorite goodies

 Prompt 6  is  "then and now" favorite holiday tradition, forget now, then it was the visit to Santa's grotto! 

And Now Thanks to the Magic of Blogger the photos are out of order!
Below is Prompt 10 a "favorite Holiday song".  I like the drinking version of  12 days of Christmas. 
On the right is Prompt 12 "Decorations of Gold".  Love the fairy on the top of the tree and  antique glass ornamants.

Prompt 14 the "Craziest Holiday Ever", my first of 40 with Chris, spent on the island of Jersey.  Thomasina the cat saw you to your room and checked it when you were leaving.

Prompt 15 the "Word of the Year".  One is never enough!

Back cover at top and accordion pulled out.  It is a better technique for smaller books this is about 10x10 inches.

prompt 8 was "Who do you Miss".  My friend Wanda who introduced me to crafting and was oh so much fun.  Christmas was her favorite time.  

Prompt 9 was to make a holiday mandala "In the round".  Not really my thing.  I made it with Dye cuts 

Prompt 11" Traditions", my favorite was the tree and the magic, that remains  created out of a tiny 18 inch tree when i was a child. 

The observant among you will note there are only 13 prompts.  I missed out #7 to show a handmade gift to make in an hour and #13 to doodle/zentangle an ornament.  Zentangle is way out of my interest zone.  It requires too much  repetition and precision.

So hope you all enjoyed the holiday season and are ready to craft your way through another year. 


  1. How very clever! Love the prompt idea and have been thinking about making a list of prompts to kick off the new year. I also read about doing it in Cloth Paper Scissors mag.
    I like how you used the accordion style. Your tags are always so beautiful

  2. Love it Monica. The tags work great.

  3. Hi Monica, love the journal. I keep saying I will start one, not got there yet tho! I know what I'm like trying to keep a diary- you have no idea how many of those I have completely blank, lol.
    Re the unmounting, there is a post from last year where I did the main part: I do tell what success and fails there were, and any work- arounds I found.
    Regarding the stencils, I have a Silhouette cutting machine. If you have one, let me have your email addy and I will send you the files.
    Basically, all I did was pick a suitable font,( it has to be an 'open' font) then just typed a mass of random letters & numbers, resizing as I went along to fit them in. same sort of thing with the circles. Hope you had a lovely Christmas, Warmest Christmas hugs,
    Shaz xx


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