Worktop is dumping ground for everything taken on trip and never looked at!

It seems I am never prepared for it to be Wednesday.  Even when I write this up on Tuesday in the morning I will have forgotten the day and remember that I failed to post as the Zumba music kicks in and arms and legs take off in something that dies not resemble a dance step.  Last week we left on a very cold Wednesday for Mission TX to spend Thanksgiving in the RV with friends and.....Tripper.  he really was precious and his being with us compensates a little for traveling.  We bought him a box used only to get him in the RV, and a harness and lead.  That was a no, no.  Claws firmly planted in ground.  
So no art or craft, well I finished the beading part of my bracelet on the way home .  I read going and finished my book The Farthest Home Is in an Empire of Fire: A Tejano Elegy by John Phillip Santos, on the return.  The author is a San Antonio native whose roots extend to the conquistadors and early settlers, the book is the story of his search for those roots and is set in the area we visited.   
We saw the famous Green Jays and the Chachalaca, a large chicken like bird with a shrill call when threatened.  The whole are is along the banks of the Rio Grande and is swamp and tropics heavily guarded for Mexico is across the river and it is the territory of the dope lords and gangs.  Often a mist hangs over the park and all you hear are the birds.  

So not much of anything craft or artsy this week.  Oh yes I ordered Gelli plates from Dick Blicks on Cyber Monday but NO special deal for me. 

Now on with the laundry 

Have to tell you I bought several dozen Tamales from Delias,  they are the best.  Very spicy and tasty.  

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  1. Wonderfully written..I am smiling all all you have shared...Sounds like a fabulous trip..gorgeous birds....fantastic desk..enjoy your tamales!
    Happy Creating!
    Thanks for your kind visit!

  2. I had to laugh at this post. Tripper had me in stitches. Before Bleubeard, I had a cat named Dog. He went EVERYWHERE with me. I even took him to work on Saturdays when there were no bosses around. Even though I worked in a factory, he stayed in the office and slept or waited patiently for me. When I took trips, and I often did, he went with me. His sandbox sat behind my seat and his food dish and water bowl behind the passenger seat, where he sat or slept. His leash fit nicely around my gear shifter. I realize most cats hate to ride, but he loved it, and we had so much fun together. He even walked on a leash like a dog. Bleubeard, on the other hand, does NOT like to ride. he sounds like Tripper.

    The area you visited sounds heavenly, albeit a bit dangerous. Happy WOYWW from #6.

  3. Very exciting you have a Gelli plate on the way
    Thank you for visiting me already
    Jackie 45

  4. That looks like an origami fold book waiting for a cover--and tags, or whatever else you want to put in it--fun!

    Now I have to go google those bird names . . .

    #28 this week with Christmas like crazy
    and a free Christmas digi magazine

  5. Thanks for the visits. Guess I'm going to have to stalk you on Face Book! LOL


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