Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Last week was really crazy, so much to do that i even forgot what day of the week it was so here we go.  (Just changed title to 191)
My usual mess.  Putting things away is not in my mind set.   This is the post for the weekly group What's On Your Workspace Wednesday, hosted by the ever spicy Julia   Working on a Kelly Kilmer class with a worksheet and prompt for every day.  Today finished # 14.  Sticking to the order makes it easier as there is so much to each class. 

The journal is on the upper left and that swirly is a Hambly transparency that a neighbor found somewhere and gave it to me as no-one knew what it was.  The tape is duct tape and that is a roll of polyester ribbons bought 30 years ago in Toronto. I have decide to donate a large selection of my dress fabrics as I no longer make clothes and as wellas back issues of Belle Armoire and Threads.  That is after a couple of friends check it out.  Need more room and different storage for all the stuff needed for journals and other paper crafts.

As promised,here are my button fairies, mentioned weeks ago, the Corky Girls.  They finally few off to Cheryl in Broken Arrow OK.  They thought they were going to Hollywood or Disney Land.   
Their names are CabSav, Zin and Merlot.
The buttons are old British military from the Queens own regiment, their wings are painted acrylic, hair is yarn and the corks are from my nightly pastime, drinking wine. In fact from the Navarro Winery in Philo CA. 

Each had their own document case and spending money, made from and Orbit package.
 This is CabSav (well i think it is)
 this is Merlot,( Zin was off checking the sherry bottle, after hearing it was a guy! )
They were made for a swap in the All Things Tim Yahoo group.

well back to my journaling!  have a good one.  

Monday, January 21, 2013


This is page 8 from the class Marvel Your Precious Life, MYOL by Kelly Kilmer .  It is a very  enjoyable class, with lots of handouts that are well written and illustrated, and there is a FB page where we had a chat.  Everything is posted to a closed yahoo group.  there are 31 layouts in the class, on a day for the month of January.  i joined late so i am behind.  it is my second class with Kelly and now I am able to write on images.  Although I do not keep a journal, I do make travel journals so hope this will help change the design of the next one. 

yesterday it was over 70 F (21.1 C)and beautiful, today  we have a cold morning and fog. this was originally posted through Blogsey as i used the iPad for photographing my page. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


More mess for  WOYWW!  All due to taking a class from Kelly Kilmer called Marvel Your Precious Life, a journaling class on layouts for 31 days.  it is incredible.  My second class with her and this time I feel i understand more about collage.  She is an excellent teacher and handouts are packed with information.  She gives a layout every day and a prompt.  I am not one for prompts but they have really pushed me as i am not a journaler.  just like to make travel journals.  Because getting images requires cutting up magazines, there is a constant mess as you can see.  Today will tidy up after a trip to hairdresser for restoration work.

The journal made for this class in the middle.  I wanted to try working on a completed journal rather than adding pages later or making a page and gluing it to journal.  These are 2 of the pages.

I have some Vanity Fair magazines, from a friend, as my main source of images.  The magazine tends to be full of celebrities and/or skinny women with open mouths looking pretty gormless in contorted poses.  Since they are advertising very expensive goods one is left to ponder about the wealthy and their image of life.

I must apologize to everyone who has commented on my post over many weeks.  They were all sent to spam courtesy of Google, like a misguided father protecting his elderly kin.  I do appreciate all of them and i will try to visit many of you later this week.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Yesterday i joined the gym at the Kroc Center and signed for the Kelly Kilmer class Marvel Your Precious Life, a journal class.  just love Kelley's style and she does not have a list of expensive materials.  we had rain and thunderstorms all night , a little bit of help for the aquifer.  

Julie the creator of WOYWWW  wrote a post last week about the pitfalls of cleaning up.  I agree with her for after spending days cleaning up I stated on a project to make button fairies.  
hence my  desk
 my work table, the tags are my button fairies, big reveal next week!!!

this is the cutting area and open book to left is where I store cling stamps.

Now must add to my journal Doings and start my Kelly Journal.  
Tripper, boss cat, is posed for a busy day.
Now to my second coffee of the morning.  Have a great day checking out work tops

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Today joined the gym at the Kroc Center, signed up for the Kelly Kilmer class Marvelatyourpreciouslife and then decide cleaning up my work space is a waste of time.

messy desk with almost completed Corky Wino Button Fairies 

Boss cat takes over desky desk

more mess from cutting and choosing stamps

note the hands i change the order every day

So that is my desk today.  julie your post this week was inspiring!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Today the priority is cooking as we are having the neighbors in and I had to make some hors d'oevres .  
Yesterday added the additional signatures and stitched into sleeve binding of travel journal,  so I have a double double diamond design.  Sounds like a beer from UK!!

some of the signature
 this is actually a pocket

to the left a menus from a Chicago restaurant and a map pocket on right.  I stamped the red design onto white tape on the edge of the pocket.

 Digi pages to left with pocket.
 more pages
and on the right a bag made in to pocket.

 One of the added signatures, a favorite

left pafe is printed kitty vellum and right a pocket.

Back page, added Tylenol pack!

More pages

OK that's enough, back to the party.

More fun tomorrow.