Tuesday, August 27, 2013

WOYWW 221. A total lanslide!

I am back working on the second set of DVDs from Kate Crane, bold backgrounds and 4 Personalized Pages. Yesterday I sprayed with Dylusions and today it was acrylics. What a mess. I thought I had it set up better than yesterday where the journals kept getting lost under mountains of paper towels, sprays would not spray and I kept forgetting to spray with water etc. set out the books to use, set up the acrylics and had stencils and bottle tops for circles handy as well as a new box of baby wipes. I kept dropping things into the paint forgetting to use the baby wipes and in general was up to my armpits when the phone started with only calls I could answer. So here is my contribution to the general day of the Julia. Have to-remember to return and link to this madness so anyone not involved can join in.

The overall picture! i tidied the desk last week and put down my new mat from Artists Cellar, it is larger than most. The computer is set up there so that I can follow the steps in the DVD for the final journal page background. Since Acrylics has never been used by me for painting anything other than furniture or fabric I followed her colors so that I could get the feel of the process. I have decided to try and do a a page a week for the rest of the year so that I become more competent. i also realized why people use vintage images of strangers. Putting large ears on dear old aunt Dolly's photo from when she was in the prime of her youth and considered herself a beauty will lead to you being disinherited. Snatching photos off the internet of living strangers might lead to a legal suit!

Next we have another view of a work space in all its messy splendor. My computer desk. The white basket is to stop Tripper climbing onto the desk to sleep on the computer while I am using it.  he is so persistent.

This is me Birthday girl after a day of celebrating on Saturday. 

This is my bit for the week. It is now 5.04 pm, Tuesday and I have to finish this on the pc . 

 Do visit the others and enjoys the site of feverish card making, knitting, sewing, and so much more.

Friday, August 23, 2013

getting back to art journaling

I never thought it would be so hard.  but there it was.  I played through the Kate Crane DVD and the electronic music lulled me into a sleepy nod off state .  This condition was remedied with chocolate.  I decided to add to the backgrounds.

First i want to show the stash of goodies that arrived from Joggles.  My present to me for being forced by time and nature into another birthday.  I wanted the set of Tim Stencils as they are a good size and not too specific and you can hang them together.  Also needed to replenish my Dyan sprays.  I love them.  Fit my messy mind and style so well.  On the trip i played with my Neocolors.  I have only had them about 5 years so they needed a work out.  I loved the water brush I used so bought another wider one, they are perfect for 'art en route'

 Now why this is in landscape is beyond me I rotated i.  If you have a desk top or pad it is not a problem with full computer you will need to levitate. I decided that I have something in common with Teesha Moore, regrettably it is not talent.  She likes to write at a different time than making backgrounds so do I.  So here is a background in need of writing.  It is based on Kate Crane's DVD 1 where she spreads acrylic paint with a credit card.  I was thinking about my feet and the need to see the foot doctor and found these bits in my stash.  For focals I like to use stuff from magazines and catalogs.  

This is another of Kate's background techniques, mine is not quite right.  As I was making it there was a bolt of lightening and roll of thunder and a very brief downpour.  So this is about the rain goddess and her brief visit to our rain less land. 

Tripper has now attempted to sit on the computer 3 times and is miffed that I put him in the hall.  I did feed him in the hopes he would go and sleep.

It is 5pm some where in the world and cocktail hour

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Since returning from our visit to California, Tripper decided upon returning home that to get my total attention this is the place to be. So on computer desk this is the daily trial.

Over the past 5 days I have worked on completing my smash journal. It is rather utilitarian and I found the blank pages inside it made me want to write like a school kid producing that awful summer essay "what I did on my holidays " ( for the US folks make that vacation). So nothing was written and most was completed in the last few days. it was stressful!
the first page on my scrapbook and my calendar challenge behind it.

I decided to make it in sections where we stayed where we went and so on. On the right the start of the trip in Mayfield NM, the right tag is the Railside in Williams AZ a lovely friendly park; on the right page River Run in Bakersfield, CA, no river but a very pleasant place. Below this the KOA. I wrote a note a note on the left that it was my idea of hell. Rampaging rug rats invading our space, music to later into the night and crap everywhere!!!! When I noted this on another site I was chastised by people with fond memories of their childhoods spent there. It was like a Butlins.

Jumping around a little but this was the entry for the end of the holidays and start of return home .At Morro Dunes, low temperatures and the beach at the door made it a favorite place to stay.it was well managed and filled with families not organized like KOA, just families enjoying the last days of vacation before school started. The beach is spectacular it is in the Central coastal wine district and veggie growing center. on the right the return trip through Bakersfield and on to Williams AZ.

My desk with journal open on the Navarro page, the reason we were in California was their Barrel tasting for the 2014 futures. They throw a fabulous food and wine bash. This year we tasted the goat cheese daughter Sarah produces at her farm.

Between making the smash journal I have done loads of laundry the usual household chores and worked on getting Tripper to eat. tripper was just out in the hall and door shut so i can finish this. Since going to the cat boarding he does not meow. here is my final photo of the desk and all the craft supplies that need to be put away.
Navarro and Boonsville in the Anderson Valley.

Now onto journalling and catching up on my Kate Crane DVD


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

WOYWW As They Never Saw It.

WOYWW friends apologies for not responding or visiting your sites. On the road it is hard to comment, in fact it was impossible iPad froze up and just try tying on the road!

Lousy phot iPad is meant for close ups and faces not land scape. i cannot transfer photos from camera.

We are returning home from a fun filled vacation on a preferred route started in Bakersfield California crossed the Mojave and then crossed AZ on I( interstate)40 into New Mexico where we went south on 25 to I 10. Now we are in Texas, having crossed a dateline into central time. The vast horizon sweeps across deserts and mountains. Not the ferocious peaks of the Alps but remnants eroded by time and great earth movements. Ancient people crossed the area and they must have been strong. The views I see are made possible by roads, they never saw my vistas as the road cuts through mountain side and is raised above valley floors. Oh just passed a sign read Kent 6 miles! Guess who settled this area. It is the greenest we have ever seen it

Lucky me, met with Krisha on Saturday and she and hubby made a great dinner for us. Betsy is incredible, a small space so well organized and set up. Her art work is beautiful. I loved her journals and she made me a lovely journal that I will photo when home. Back to bumpy road.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

WOYWW California Cool. Weather hot prices!

Great first day in California when Krisha came to meet me with a bottle of fabulous wine. We plan to meet again.

We are in the Carmel River valley today lots of adventures and funny moments. it is very cool about 70f and drops at night. The phot below is the Golden Gate Bridge we really went across it in the RV and drove through San Francisco with no problem..



This is Monterey from Pebble Beach. Sun came out immediately.

Keeping up on calendar. No time to tear up bits for smash book.

There is an incredible art shop in Ft Bragg. Has beautiful paper

Have to go. Bought shrimp off boat today. Found a winery

Have a great WWOYW.