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It is a long time since I posted, it  is an emotional heavy week. On Tuesday evening Tripper was found dead on the west deck. At first we thought the feral cat had but now we think the feral jumped him and he had a heart attack. He was laying in his fvourite place. I had let him out just minutes earlier. I went into shock. Well we miss him very much and talk about him.  Thanks to everyone who sent condolences.

So today, my desk

Saving my sanity is the class with Joanne Sharp," Draw Your Awesome Year". On my desk is the journal where we put a drawn calendar every month and fill in each day with a drawing, January, below is almost finished.

I liked Julia's last post about blogging etc. if you are new to this site and WOYWWW check out the

Have a great week. VERY cold here, what a winter.

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My Email was changed(not by me) and my blog disappeared so I signed in twice.  I was able to sign up through Blogsy where I posted blog.  Thanks for the alert Elizabeth and Bluebeard.

Unglued after 7 days I am catching up on days. As they said, the eye is OK, my head is a little scrambled. Your emails made me feel strong, thanks, you all sparkle with sympathy and real concern. it helps in moments of dispair.
My Desk and Journal for Draw Your Awesome Life.
Good news Working on Joanne Sharpe class Draw Your Awesome Year. I love this class. It is well thought out and the videos are excellent. As a person who cannot follow through with a class when it isover this may be the anaswwr. Each month she sends a prompt, once the clas is over and the hupla ends, this will spur me on i do hope the fabecebook group remain active. We are using a Strathmore 500 journal wonderful paper as well as Tombows and other watercolors. She uses Inkintense and I will use my Neo's water color crayon…

WOYWW jan 2014

I really blew it on New Years' day. As I was about to step into bed, at qo pm I remembered My eyedrops. Rushed out of bed and put them in, not eye drops, super glue. Night at ER where the lake on duty saw me at 4 am and said it was the worst she had seen and could do nothing. Later that morning I spoke to the opthalmologist who said it will unstick in 2 to 3 days. Super glue is used in eye surgery, like if you pierce your eyeball with a cactus spine.!!! Just to callhim when. It released. Actually saw him yesterday as it is not releasing. He said it will in its own time. Cannot drive as one eye is hard to adjust to and you need two eyes for depth and distance. If it ever releases I will work on stuff for Joanne Sharps class "Draw your awesome year". Meanwhile Texas has joined the ice age it was -5 this morning and now at 11 is -3 C. My husband keeps his weather on C to give his brain a work out! It is 30 F well about that but a bright sunny day.Posted with Bl…