My Email was changed(not by me) and my blog disappeared so I signed in twice.  I was able to sign up through Blogsy where I posted blog.  Thanks for the alert Elizabeth and Bluebeard.

Unglued after 7 days I am catching up on days. As they said, the eye is OK, my head is a little scrambled. Your emails made me feel strong, thanks, you all sparkle with sympathy and real concern. it helps in moments of dispair.
My Desk and Journal for Draw Your Awesome Life.
Good news Working on Joanne Sharpe class Draw Your Awesome Year. I love this class. It is well thought out and the videos are excellent. As a person who cannot follow through with a class when it isover this may be the anaswwr. Each month she sends a prompt, once the clas is over and the hupla ends, this will spur me on i do hope the fabecebook group remain active. We are using a Strathmore 500 journal wonderful paper as well as Tombows and other watercolors. She uses Inkintense and I will use my Neo's water color crayons. My goal isto. I prove my skills through drawing everyday. It works I have seen others do it.

Sorry I never visited all your web pages last week but the weeping glued up eye sort of messed things up. So now on to 2014 and ms Julia's wonderful link to the world of crafting art and friends julia's blog is http:// stampinground.com

I am writing this on iPad and hope Blogsy will published. My email was compromised and i have problems accessing my blog on PC
Again thnks everyone. i planto visit sitearound non tomorrowS I sit in the allergist's Office witing forwhatever to be OK and believe me the shot is. Needed. Cedar pollen is around 50,000 what ever whatever, that means itchy runny eyes, even the cat is effected. Tripper is not a happy cat, well unless he is harrassing me for food he doesn' t eat.
Happy New Year and visits thnks for all the support.


  1. Oh, wow, I just read your last post! So glad your eye is better! I've had eye problems, not however, self-inflicted :) so I know how scary they can be! You've got all my favourite kinds of colouring stuff there!
    Have a good week and thanks for stopping by,
    RosA # 1

  2. Someone not only highjacked your e-mail, but your blog address, too. It goes to a media site. Glad I am able to find you, though.

    Hope your head gets even more unscrambled, soon. and I also was glad to read about your eye. Please get better soon.

    Nice journal, and I know those Strathmore journals are the BEST. I'm glad you like yours.

    Have a great WOYWW from # 16.

  3. Eye problems are scary. Glad you're doing better. But it stinks that you also have to deal with computer issues. I hope someone one can fix this for you super quick. I had a peek at some previous posts. Your mixed media work is Super Amazing! Hope you have a fabulous week. LisaDV #81

  4. Yep! I got directed to a different site too.........but you can run honey, but you can't hide! LOL

    So GLAD to hear your eye is better, you really had me worried for a while.

    Great journal page, your such a colorful person!

    Have a great week
    Krisha #26

  5. Oh poor you Monica, the pollen and sticky horrid eye probs..already. No fair.c I must say the sight of your desk and the lovely colours you've put on that page are very cheering, I hope it works for you as it does for me!
    Have re-listed your link over at my page...without the 'blogspot' part of your address in the link, it defaults to http://materialmedia.net/ which is a marketing site.....another grrr!

  6. I know just how you feel with all that pollen around. My hay fever has already started over here, with all the trees coming into flower so early, with the weather being so unseasonally warm. Hope you soon recover. xx Maggie #24

  7. Oh my your eye must be so sore, what a terrible thing to happen, it hasn't stop you creating a beautiful colorful page, thanks for sharing and I hope you eye is better real soon, computer problems do drive us crazy, have a wonderful day Dianne # 70..

  8. I hope you are feeling better. And I hope you are feeling good enough to over come your technological challenges. :-) April #85

  9. Hi Monica,

    So glad the eye is doing better (from the glue) but dang it about the allergies! I saw on the news last night a bear was running across a ski slope - and it should be in hibernation! The season's are very messed up this year.

    A old co-worker of mine is retiring in April and moving to Kerrville. I've seen it in magazines and it looks like a cute, quaint little town.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (3)

  10. Just checking back to say thanks for the comment on my journal page.
    Hows the peepers doing? What's your weather like these days?


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