WOYWW jan 2014

I really blew it on New Years' day. As I was about to step into bed, at qo pm I remembered My eyedrops. Rushed out of bed and put them in, not eye drops, super glue. Night at ER where the lake on duty saw me at 4 am and said it was the worst she had seen and could do nothing. Later that morning I spoke to the opthalmologist who said it will unstick in 2 to 3 days. Super glue is used in eye surgery, like if you pierce your eyeball with a cactus spine.!!! Just to callhim when. It released. Actually saw him yesterday as it is not releasing. He said it will in its own time. Cannot drive as one eye is hard to adjust to and you need two eyes for depth and distance.

If it ever releases I will work on stuff for Joanne Sharps class "Draw your awesome year". Meanwhile Texas has joined the ice age it was -5 this morning and now at 11 is -3 C. My husband keeps his weather on C to give his brain a work out! It is 30 F well about that but a bright sunny day.



  1. Oh Monica, I was hoping it would have become unstuck by now! I wish for you that it releases soon, with no lasting damage done.

    Keep safe and warm indoors - you don't need your eye-glue freezing as well.

    Good luck!


  2. I am stunned that there is nothing they can do for your poor eyes what a dreadful accident and I am sure you were frightened at the time. In this day and age there must be some sort of solution they could use on them for you. Wishing things back to normal as soon as possible for you take care till then
    Have a great WOYWW today and enjoy the rest of your week
    Hugs Ria #6

  3. OH NO! Oh my goodness Monica crazy glue can be some fearsome stuff. Hope everything releases and there is no damage. (your pride will survive).
    Krisha #85

  4. Wow-really cold there! Hope your eye unsticks soon!

  5. Oh Monica...I can't even find the right words to say. Scary, painful, awful, bad start to a new year - although certainly things can only get better from here. So hoping you have no permanent damage! Sending up a little prayer. Stay warm.
    Sara j #92

  6. I am so sorry, but I am ROFLMAO! Not at your discomfort, just at the mere thought that that is exactly what I would probably do! Hope it decides to release real soon.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #50

  7. Oh my gosh Monica! Bless your heart. Eyes are not something you want to mess with. Am glad that they unstuck (I see that on your sidebar). I'd use this as an excuse to "rest my eyes," in other words, napping!

    I'm slowly getting around to visiting desks.
    Happy WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (42)


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