It is a long time since I posted, it  is an emotional heavy week. On Tuesday evening Tripper was found dead on the west deck. At first we thought the feral cat had but now we think the feral jumped him and he had a heart attack. He was laying in his fvourite place. I had let him out just minutes earlier. I went into shock. Well we miss him very much and talk about him.  Thanks to everyone who sent condolences.

So today, my desk

Saving my sanity is the class with Joanne Sharp," Draw Your Awesome Year". On my desk is the journal where we put a drawn calendar every month and fill in each day with a drawing, January, below is almost finished.

I liked Julia's last post about blogging etc. if you are new to this site and WOYWWW check out the Stampingground.blogspot.com

Have a great week. VERY cold here, what a winter.


  1. Sorry about your furkid. I know how hard it is. I love the journal. I keep looking at this process but haven't started it yet.

  2. I love the photo of Tripper. What a great cat he was!!

  3. So sorry about your kitty! :(
    Your journal is amazing!

    Heather #85

  4. Bleubeard and I are in shock. I've even cried a bit when I read about Tripper. Bleubeard and I both send our sympathy and condolences. Losing a family member is hard enough, but losing a true loved one is even worse. I know I should comment on your desk, but I would rather sit in stunned silence and feel your genuine pain.

    Happy WOYWW from #1.

  5. Aw sorry to hear about Tripper, such a lovely looking cat! Your pages look fab. Take care Zo xx 64

  6. Sorry about Tripper.
    I love the calender idea. Joanne is one Sharp lady!! Looks like a fun class.

  7. I'm so very sorry about Tripper. Sending you a big hug. Love your drawings. Happy WOYWW. LisaDV #87

  8. I am so sorry for the loss of your cat. That must have been an awful shock. :( What a beautiful photo of him though.

    Love your journal! So cool. I should really try this, it looks like a fantastic way to document the year.

    ~Elaine #86 www.quixoticcards.com

  9. I love the idea of a 'drawn Calendar' I am so sorry to hear about Tripper. I have two dogs and I love them dearly so I can imagine how upset you must be.
    Thank you for stopping by to look at my desk and for your lovely comments.

  10. So this is the journal you've been talking about. This is really great, and I did not know that Washi tape on the ends of the pages will keep them from curling. Thanks for the tip and the earlier visit.
    Krisha #31

  11. So sorry to see your sad news. I lost one of my dogs last year so quickly, it was a huge shock. They are family members that have special places in our hearts.Sending you my condolences.
    Happy Wednesday
    Karin #104

  12. I'm so sorry Monica. It must have been a terrible shock for you. I'm also taking JoAnne's journal class and enjoying it very much.

  13. Ah so very very sad Monica well remember when our puss died from tick and he was a tabby too, with white socks.. and well could send you some warm weather :D great journal Shaz in Oz.x #29

  14. Ohhh Monica you are having such an awful time I hope things improve for you. He looked like such a lovely kitty. All the best.

  15. I'm so sorry for your loss Monica. May you find peace in remembering those happy days you had with Tripper. Hugs to you, Sue

  16. I'm so sad about Tripper and send you a hug to help you through this difficult time. Our furry friends, when loved as much as you loved Tripper, are important members of the family and are missed dreadfully when they pass away.



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