WOYWW 246.

Another week has flashed by and here we are off checking each others desks. This past week left me little time to create with lots of the humdrums to do and to add to it all a sneezing, coughing cold. So when time was available to create it was mired in stuffed sinus, itchy eyes and runny nose.

I managed to keep up to date on my art calandars and to watch a video that CPS sells with Joanne Sharpe and her Lettering. So here is the desk. I made Chris a thank you card based on a page I saw on Pinterest from Rosie's Arty Stuff. Turns out she is a Brit and some times partcipates in WOYWW. I cannot link to her blog from my iPad so just Google her. Mine is not as arty as her page but her wording touched a spot in my heart and was just what I wanted to say, changed up a little.

This was a busy social week and we also made marmalade as our friends Carol and Larry gave us some grapefruit and Meyers lemons. They grew them in their garden in Houston.

We discovered that you can sterilize and process in the oven and avoid cauldrons of boiling water. This is good as we have an electri induction top and all the pots and pans have to be stainless.

Now a question to all of you who participate in swaps. What do you do with post cards, ATCs, etc that you have accumulated in years of swaps. I have all the old ones in bags and boxes and I am running out of room. So what does everyone do?

This is one corner of my room the east end of the window seat

More under the window seat

The other corner at the end of the window seat, store rolls of paper and bags of tissue paper

The wire thing was for scrunching up tiered skirts.

I would love to hear your ideas as some ofmy swaps are over10 years old.

Time to sleep. Have a great week.



  1. Hi ya.. and wow.. have to say I LOVE the page under this one with journals... I just love them!!!! Thanks for popping in and sleep tight. # 22

  2. I haven't had any homemade jams or marmalades in decades. Yours look really good. Love your pages. #1

  3. Okay you got me with the processing in the oven--I've never heard of that, and when it comes jam/jelly time, oh Monica, I am so going to try that!!!

    #21ish this week with
    a quilty and journal

  4. I love your comment about cauldrons of boiling water. I was conjuring up three witches (grin).

    I bought a post card holder. It's much like a photo holder, but holds more on a page. It even says "post cards" on the front. For my ATCs, I keep them in a 3 ring binder that is filled with sleeves that you can find at most shops that sell trading cards. I think I've even found the sleeves at Wally World. There are nine sleeves in each sheet and I think there are 10 sheets per pack. That gives you enough sleeves for 90 ATCs. For 4 X 4" or 5 X 5" sized trades, I punch two holes in one side and add rings to hold them together. I hope that helps, because I'm well aware how much room these things take up. Of course, that doesn't include my tip-ins, which I add to altered books.

  5. you could always try and make some wall art out of them all I'm sure it would be fun to add them into some mixed media creations then you could just hang them up and enjoy looking at them. I don't have that much but I do have a little flip book for plans to create some wall art when I get my own space
    hugs Nikki #5
    I have candy too

  6. I have my ATC's in ring binders but I have been known to use the odd one when I am making a card.
    Sandra @25

  7. Wow you have a lot of ATCs. No idea what to do with them as I don't collect them sorry. Loved having a look around your crafty space.
    Love Karen #47 xxx

  8. Hi Monica, just popping by to check out your desk....looove your pages and ideals. And jam making oh yes, love doing this myself, mum always did and yes we made tomato sauce recently. As for all the collectables....mmm have the same problem not quite so many but maybe we could incorporate them on a journal page, and I have thought to recycle handmade cards, and package them up for mum to sell on trading tables to raise funds for church and charities. Cheers, I'll be back to see if you get any more ideas - have a fun week RobynO#51

  9. Hi Monica! Hope your cold is better. I always like to see what you are up to. How do you like the lettering class? She has a book coming out soon.

  10. Lots of nice goodies on your desk, love the colours you are using. Now home made preserves. Mmmmmmm lost to the thought of that. I never really get time to do things like that but love to eat the results..
    Nelle 71 xx

  11. What a lovely card, and the lettering is great!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and for the nice comments.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #4

  12. Good evening Monica,
    Back from a busy day and a headache from hell, and thought I'd do some catching up.

    Your marmalade looks divine, and I've not heard of using the oven either. It sure would beat the boiling post of water.

    What a wonderful card you made for Chris, just stunning.

    ATCs I keep in trading card sleeves in a 3 ring binder. I like to keep them for inspiration. I haven't participated in that many post cards so they are just kind.......here.......there and well, you know the rest. You've seen this room....LOL

    Hope you get to feeling better.
    Krisha #9

  13. Thanks for calling by at mine earlier. I made tag books to keep my ATCs in and they work really well for storing lots....you can put them back to back so that you can double up.
    Annie x # 42

  14. Marmalade, making my mouth water! Karen #101

  15. Urgh, hope youre feeling better by now! Homemade marmalade..one of lifes greatest pleasures if you ask me. How marvellous that you found Rosie..I have huge respect for her honesty in her art, and she makes the most marvellous pages. As soon as I saw your colourful and beautifully lettered page I was reminded of her work!

  16. Hi M
    The preserves done in an oven is a new idea for me...I always do the caldron boiling thing. Blogs sure a a good way to learn new things and to be inspired !
    Hope you have a great March !


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